Day Twenty - Our Days!

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Day 20 - Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

Both James and Emilie are just like me. They like routine and structure. Maybe it's a baby thing or maybe it's just my kids but from the moment I put James into a routine when he was six months old he took to it like a duck to water. Now he's five, he doesn't really have a 'routine' anymore but of course now we have our second baby and although she took longer to get the hang of the routine, she now loves it. At midday every day, she comes to me with her dummy and starts waving. Yep, she waves when she wants to go to bed. After dinner she will sit in her high chair and shout 'Bath, bath..' She knows that after dinner comes bath time and then bed time. My routine with her was loosely based on Gina Ford.. (No hate please!) Now that she is on just one nap a day though we've kind of just found our own little rhythm. Our days, especially during the week when James is at school, are pretty much the same... The general outline is... 

6-6.30am - Emilie wakes up first. Between 4am to 6am she is very unsettled but I refuse to let her out of bed before 6am.. Before that this Mummy doesn't function very well! Anthony has already left for work, so we head downstairs so she can have her milk. She still sits on my lap and I have to feed her.. My toddler-but-still-a-baby :)

7am - James gets up.. He has breakfast.. Get's dressed and does his teeth whilst Emilie has her breakfast. 

7.30am - We all walk the dog together. James isn't fond of this. I keep trying to tell him that a morning walk is one of the best ways to start your day. He isn't really buying it.. Ha!

8.30am - We leave to take James to school. It's only a 12 minute walk but lately with the rain it feels like an hour! Emilie and I get home about 9.05am. 

9.15am-11am - This time I try and devote solely to Emilie. I might throw a load of washing in the machine or empty the dishwasher but we normally spend this time playing, exploring the garden or dancing around the kitchen. My baby loves music and now raises her hands in the air whilst shouting 'Da' 'Da' - (Dance!) 

11am - Emilie has lunch. She eats quite early but she likes to eat before her nap :) I use this time to clean the kitchen.

12 Midday - Emilie goes for her nap. This last normally till around 2-2.15pm.. It's only been the last few weeks that she sleeps without waking up every 35 minutes so I am loving having some down time during the day! I try to sit down with a drink and just relax for some of it before getting on with some cleaning! 

2.20pm - Emilie has some more milk and then we head out to get James from school. 

3.30pm - We get home. I love hearing about James' day at school. We spend some time together and then I get dinner started. This is a manic time of day! 

4.15pm - The kids eat dinner whilst I tidy the kitchen and chat to them both. We then walk the dog again. 

5pm - The kids get their baths. This is Emilie's favourite time of day! She goes mental in the bath :) They then get their PJ's on and we wait for Daddy to come home! 

6pm - Anthony normally gets home around now. Sometimes he has to work late so the kids might already be in bed but he likes to try and get home before bed time. The kids jump over him, he eats, whilst the kids are still jumping and shouting 'Daddy'.. They also try to steal his food!

6.15pm - Emilie has her bedtime milk and around 6.45pm goes up to bed. I kiss her goodnight, lay her down and off she goes. James then gets to spend some time with Anthony whilst I tidy up. James goes up to bed between 7-7.30pm.

7.30pm - Silence! Peace & quiet! I finish all the little jobs, Anthony & I spend some time together. We might watch something on TV or some nights he'll play some x-box whilst I blog. It's just a nice relaxing time of day. 

Our days are structured but have some wriggle room. I feel so lucky that I get to be at home with them and not have to split my time between them, housework and an outside job. I think that I have the best job in the world with the cutest little side-kicks but then again, I am slightly biased :)

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  1. What gorgeous photos!!!! You have to have routine with little ones, they crave it and need it...(I can see a big block of space in your day when Emilie's asleep! Yay! Writing time!)


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