Day Twenty-One - Fall Favourites.

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Day 21 - Fall Favorites. What do you love most about this season?

How are we on Day 21 of the Blog-tember challenge already? It's flying by.. I love today's prompt. Autumn, hands down, is my favourite season.
Here's why.. 

Chilly mornings with the hint of sun. Lazy weekends. 
The fair coming to town. Earlier nights. Hunkering down. 
Hot chocolate. Christmas movies. Halloween. Homemade soup. 
Jumpers. Scarfs. Boots. 
Afternoon rain showers, 
Casseroles made with my slow cooker. 
The X-Factor! Snuggling with blankets. 
Conkers. Leaves starting to fall off trees. 
Sleeping with the windows open whilst under a big quilt.
Pumpkins. Warm Apple crumble with cream. 
Morning walks. Crunchy leaves. Fresh air. 


  1. Christmas movies Yay! My honey and I have a tradition of watching all the Classics every year : it's a wonderful life, a Christmas Story, the 10 commandments, the wizard of Oz and we like to throw is casablanca, our fave!

  2. Oh, I love your list. Autumn is my favourite, too. Oh, your list is making me so, so homesick :(

  3. Rain and homemade soups, stews, all of that - perfect together!! And yes, Christmas movies on TV :) I always look forward to White Christmas - I don't watch old black & white films any other time of the year but we watched it growing up so I get excited when I see it on!

  4. I love all of these!!! Especially casseroles + rain showers.


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