Day Twenty-Eight - Highs Vs Lows.

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Day 28 - What were your highs and lows for this month?

I consider myself lucky. We're not rich. We don't have a big house or lots of expensive things but on the other hand we don't have big problems. Our home life is good. We have a stable relationship and our children are happy and healthy. Todays prompt is about the highs and lows of this month. Thankfully there has been a lot more highs than lows. 


... James settling in so well to his new class. I cannot believe that he is in Year One. I'm so proud of our not-so-little-boy. 

... Anthony finally finishing a three week stint of working nights. That was brutal on all of us but especially him. 

... Watching my Mum fulfil her dream of jumping out of an aeroplane. Then a week later she turned 50! 

... Facing my fears and spending an evening in a restaurant with my family to help my Mum celebrate her birthday. 

... Emilie took her first two steps last week! She hasn't taken any since but that's possibly because I screamed when she did those first steps and I may have put her off walking for life.

... Anthony turned 33! We had a little get together at home with some friends. It was low key because he was still on nights but still fun! 


... Emilie has a viral infection and hasn't been well for nearly a week now. Baby girl is miserable with a capital M. She is off her food and spends most of her day crying :(

... James also has a cold but hopefully is on the back end of it now. 

...  I've  been more stressed that normal the past few weeks and I guess I've been letting my to-do list overwhelm me.  I don't like the stressed version of me.

... James fell over whilst running at the beginning of the month and cut all his face down one side, across his forehead and over his nose. It looked awful and it's only healed properly this past week.  

Definitely more highs than lows! September hasn't been too bad to us! 


  1. Working nights is awful. I had to do it for a while when I worked at the hospital. I felt like a walking zombie and I had such a hard time sleeping during the day. Glad he is off of that schedule now and you will have more help. I hope your little ones start feeling better really soon. There is definitely something going around where I live. I swear everyone has been getting sick...maybe it's the change of seasons. who knows! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. When my husband was still in the military, he would often work the midshift (11pm to 7am) and he and I both really disliked it. He was never able to really catch up on his sleep and just threw him off completely.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  3. Oh you, so sorry you've all had the lurgies......thank goodness 'the nights' have ended.....LOVE the quote!!!


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