Day Twelve - Traditions.

Day 12 - Tell us about a favourite tradition. It could be a family tradition or from a holiday, university, you-name-it. What makes it so special?

There are a few traditions that I love. Some that my Mum started and I've carried on with my own children and some that I've started myself. A lot of them revolve around Christmas. My favourite holiday! 

  • Every year I buy James & Emilie a decoration for the Christmas tree. When they have their own houses I plan on giving them each a box with their decorations. They can put them on their own tree or just keep them in the box. Every year when we decorate the tree together James loves to get his baubles out and to hear the stories of each one and when I brought it. I'm hoping that Emilie has the same fascination with hers. 

  • When we were kids every Christmas morning my Mum would bake sausage rolls. The smell would fill the house and to this very day the smell of sausage rolls cooking takes me back to fun, family-filled Christmas mornings. I now do the same thing. If you were to walk into my house on Christmas morning then you would be greeted with a plate of sausage rolls whilst the smell of another batch cooking fills the house. I have one rule in my house on Christmas day and that is that everyone eats breakfast. After that you can eat as much chocolate and rubbish as you want. At least that way I know that they have all had something nutritious. (Also - How many times can I say Christmas morning & sausage rolls in one paragraph.. I think we just found out!)  

  • Every birthday, starting from my very first, my Nan has rang me and sang "Happy Birthday" down the phone. As soon as I answer she starts singing. Not only does she do this to me, my Mum, my Sisters & her two sons and their children, but she now also does it to our children. I love it! 

And there are just a few of my favourites. They are little but so significant to me! 

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  1. How lovely! I also buy my children a decoration a year and we have lots of special ones on the tree from places we've visited, also ones made by the children (Goodness, I better go and check in the storage room that they're still there - won't do it now, though, I'm not ready emotionally for the shock if they're not)....and, how funny, my Gran always used to call to sing me Happy Birthday (and to everyone else in the family too!).....[had to chuckle about your sausage rolls line!!]

  2. My family also does the Christmas ornaments. My Grandma gave us one each year!


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