Day Sixteen - Most People Don't Know This....

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I cannot believe how quickly this month is flying past! What am I going to do at the end of the month when there are no more prompts?! The skeletons are coming out of the closet with todays prompt! 

Day 16 - "Most people don't know this but..."

.... I was married before I met Anthony. I was young, naive and very very stupid. Most people don't believe me when I tell them that I'm married for the second time. When I married Anthony several people asked me how I knew that it was right the second time around. My reply was always the same.. "When it's been so wrong, you know when it's right." 

.... I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. I was seven and it was a family member. I hid it until the age of 13 and it took me a long time to deal with it and be able to move on. 

.... I do not speak to my Dad. I've given him chance after chance and in the end I got to the point where I felt like enough was enough. He has never met Emilie and I doubt he ever will. 


  1. Oh, Liane, my heart breaks for you, and fills up with love and hope all at the same time.

  2. i agree with helen...my heart hurts for you but i am glad you are moving on and i'm glad you found a good guy :]

  3. I'm glad all those didn't stop you from having that beautiful heart (and smile) you have now..



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