Day Six - Currently.

...reading Last night I started Eat, Pray, Love again. It is one of my favourite books and I find it to be inspirational every time I read it. 

...watching Friends! To celebrate the 20th anniversary Comedy Central are re-running the show from the beginning. We're on season 5 at the minute and I love it!

...eating Chocolate.. It's my evening treat once the kids are in bed :) Some women indulge in a glass of wine.. I instead have a very sweet tooth!
...pinning Autumn clothes ideas and last night I started looking at little desk nook ideas. I have no idea where it would go in my tiny house but I want one! We're hoping to move soon and I would love an extra room so I could have an office/study type room. 

...tweeting Not a lot lately. I also link my instragram to my twitter so mostly photos I guess. 

...going going, going, going. With Anthony working all the hours under the sun at the moment, I'm a one man band and it feels like I am constantly on the go. I can't complain though.

...loving my babies. How much James is loving being back at School and in year one. My husband and how hard he is working lately. Puppy walks and the fact that my flowers on the table are still going strong after a week. 

...enjoying this link up so much! Firstly it's nice to have prompts, kind of takes the pressure of for a month. Ha! Also I've already met some lovely bloggers just six days into the month.

...thinking that I need to deep clean my house. I keep seeing things that need doing, add them to my to-do list and then my list just gets longer and longer as I try to plough through it all.

...feeling tired. So very very tired! 

...hoping that James' next week at school goes well. I think the past two days the teachers have been easing the kids in gently but I have a feeling next week the real fun will start.
...listening to James laughing at Friends. He loves the show just as much as I do. 

...starting to wish that all of Emilie's teeth would just come through already. Unfortunately I know that we have a long time before that happens! 

...Wearing my jeans and oversize sweater. It's a little chilly today. I cannot wait for my big chunky jumpers to make their appearance again! 


  1. Beautiful photo! LOVE Friends too - it's one of those shows that, no matter how many times you've seen it, it's STILL funny EVERY SINGLE TIME! Great to hear about your desk nook, lady!

  2. Now you've got me wanting to sit down with my Friends DVDs and rewatch my favorites! I'm also jealous of your chilly weather - NYC has been positively boiling this week.

  3. Oh, I love Eat, Pray, Love! It's one of my favorites too! I can fly through it within hours because I love it so much.


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