Day Fourteen - Blogging.

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Day 14 - When did you start blogging and why?

Back in the beginning of 2004 all my friends were raving about Live Journal. Every night they would sit at their computers and write about their days and then comment on each other entries. After a while I decided to give it a go too. I've always loved writing and I found the whole process very therapeutic. After a year or so most of my real life friends left Live Journal, never to blog again. I carried on though and made some good friends who I still talk to today. I enjoyed connecting with people, sharing our lives and watching them get engaged, find new jobs and start having babies. 

In 2011 I started to feel like I had outgrown Live Journal. I then found blogger and the whole 'public' aspect of it kind of scared me. My Live Journal was private so only people who I chose could read it. It took me a few months to gather the courage to make the switch and for a few months after that I went back and forth. Finally though, I committed to Blogger and 'For Those Little Moments' was born which at the beginning of this year changed to 'Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet' 

It hasn't all been plain sailing. I found with Live Journal that there was a lot of interaction between me and my 'friends' on there. That all stopped when I changed to Blogger. We all know that over here you have to build a readership and honestly, it's still slow going. I have found some blogs and the writers behind them that I love though. I find myself getting excited when they share good news and I commiserate with them when things get tough. 

I still find the whole process of sitting down to write a post, editing photos and choosing which ones to share very therapeutic. Sometimes when I have a mind full of thoughts and emotions swirling around it helps me to get it out. I love the fact that I can go back and read posts from three years ago and quite regular I do just that.. I end up getting lost for a few hours remembering what we were up to back then. The funny things James said, how small he was. I still have my log in for Live Journal and occasionally I go back to the beginning and re-read what I wrote (Oh my, some of it is cringe worthy!) I won't delete that account though. I started blogging as an 18 year old girl who was in a new relationship and now I am a married, Mum of two. I love to see how I've changed. How far me and Anthony have come as a couple. How we've gone from being kids together to parents. 

There may come a time when I don't want to blog, to share our lives with the world, but I don't see that time coming any time soon. Sorry blogger, you're pretty much stuck with me!


  1. Love how blogging became an echo of your life!

  2. I definitely agree with it being very tough at first to gain followers and get that connection with people. It's always a work in progress that's for sure! lol Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. I enjoy the process of blogging too and feel the same way...
    There sure were times I felt I do not really want my life out there but eventually I came back.. Blogging is just so addictive..

  4. i am finding out that i love the process too! i know the feeling of growing a redership slowly too...it can be frustrating because not every person who follows you is actually there to interact. they are just loking for more subscribers of their own.


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