Day Four - Fashion!

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Day 4 - Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate.

Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I would love nothing more than to be a fashionista. Someone who is always well put together and always dressed in the latest trends.

However.. As a lot of stay at home Mum's know.. Most days you consider yourself lucky if you manage to brush your teeth and wash your hair.. Most days you will find me in jeans, flat shoes and a tank top of some description.. It's easy and comfortable for the school runs and chasing after a 13 month old. 

I don't really have a fashion trend that I hate.. I don't understand the whole men & skinny jeans thing. I'm sure some men can pull them off and look great but most men I've seen in them.. It just looks wrong.. Women in skinny jeans.. Yes.. Men.. Not so much..

Whenever I'm on Pinterest I always look at the outfits. It always gives me inspiration to update my wardrobe.. I love the smart/casual look especially for winter.

I really should go on a shopping spree..  


  1. Oh my - I love all of your outfit choices!!! Yum yum yum! And am totally with you on the 'men and skinny jeans' thing! Noone wants to see how thin some mens legs are ;)

  2. Those outfits look really chic! Nice!

  3. I love the sweater dress. I LOVE sweater dresses with tights during the Fall / early Winter.

  4. I love the dress and the sweaters! So cute!!!

  5. I've so fallen for winter and fall clothes now that I live somewhere where I get colder weather!

  6. The outfits you chose to include look so cozy! Makes me excited for Fall.

  7. Those are my kind of outfits, LOVE them too.


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