Day Five - My Passion.

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Day Five "I am passionate about ______________. "

Passionate - Adjective

Having, showing or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.

Outside of being passionate about my marriage and my children my biggest passion is writing. I once read this quote by the author Judy Blume.  

"You don't write because you want to. You write because you have to."

For me this is so true. As a child I would sit for hours just writing, losing myself in the stories that I wrote. It was a form of escape for me after being bullied at school for years. I would come home and for those few hours I would become the character in the story. Their life would become mine and I was a different person with a different life to the one I was leading. If I wasn't writing then I was reading. It's always been a big passion of mine. 

I have several books in my head that I want to write. I have started one and I keep coming back to it. What stops me from finishing it is a lack of faith. Would it be good enough? Would people laugh at the idea of me being able to write something? I still write everyday though. Who knows maybe I will finish it and just keep it for myself! 

It's one of the many reasons that I started and continue to blog. When my head is awash with endless thoughts and emotions then sitting down and writing is very therapeutic for me. For a while after Emilie was born my blog had to take a back seat and everyday I would literally being itching to sit at the computer and just write.. Not about anything in particular but just to write. I don't even know if I am any good at it but I enjoy it and to me that's what matters most. 


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I am so so sorry, really truly sorry, to hear that you were bullied but am so pleased that you found a creative outlet to overcome it. I'm going to be doing NaNoWriMo in November (the idea is to write your novel in 30 days - for 50,000 words, that's about a page and a half of text a day. Why don't you join me (I'm taking it as a chance to get a first draft out of my head and to discipline myself to writing fiction each and every day)? That would be just wonderful if we could spur each other on! I'm going to use October to plan.

  2. Writing really is such a great escape. And it's such a positive thing to run to, in my opinion. Even if it's just something simple, it's always so nice to look back on. I encourage you to finish that book (and others!) because I know that I would read it if I could. :)

  3. Writing is definitely one of my key passions, as well. And never give it up. It's one of those things that's worth doing whether you make money from it or not.


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