Day Eleven - Inspiration.

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Day eleven - How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?

I don't tend to find inspiration in just one thing or one person. I think you can find it everywhere and in everyone. I am a firm believer in that everyone that comes into your life is there for a reason and to teach you something.  

My biggest inspirations.. 

Reading books, long walks, people's words, 
conversations with strangers, playing with my kids, 
pinterest, music, photos, my friends & family, 
being alone, sitting in the sunshine, my husband,
blogs and the writers behind them, 
quotes from artistic people, 

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere - Albert Einstein. 


  1. Oh my. Perfect post. Love the fist quote, love your text....your last quote is now in my journal xxxx [Did you see your nomination?]

  2. I have nominated you for the leibster award :-) www.charlsparkle.blogspot.com


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