You Know You're Getting Old...

.... When you get so excited over your purchase of the H2O X5 steam mop. 

No seriously. I have been debating for a few weeks whether it was a necessary purchase. I already had a steam mop but it was a very cheap, basic one and didn't really make any difference to my floors. Finally last Saturday I relented and brought the X5. 


It cleans floors, it cleans carpets, it cleans windows, bath tubs, tiles, surfaces, it even steams clothes. 

The first day I walked around the house finding things that I could clean. We had friends over at the time and they all found it very amusing and I realised then and there that I am getting old. 

I don't get excited by nights out or the latest Miley Cyrus single. It appears though that I get very excited by household appliances.

On a serious note though my main motivation for my purchase was our kitchen floor. It was here when we moved in and no matter how much I have cleaned it in the past four years it always looks grubby. To the point where I refused to let Emilie crawl in the kitchen. Obviously this led to her getting so frustrated at being confined to the living room whenever I had to be in the kitchen or stuck in her high chair. Now though, she is loving emptying my kitchen cupboards as I potter around cooking or cleaning. 

If you're in the market for a new steam cleaner.. I highly recommend this one.. 

Oh and you also know that you are getting old when you can dedicate a whole blog post to a cleaning product..

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