I'm A Housewife... & I Love It..

Firstly, lets just state the obvious here.. It's August. The eight month of the year. How in the world did that happen? Wasn't it just New Year?

The past two weeks have been, for lack of a better word, manic. Anthony started a new job. He is up at 4.30am and out the house by 5.30am and doesn't walk back in the door until 6pm, at the earliest. It's a good thing for him. He loves his new job and he's putting all those brand new qualifications to good use. It's a good thing for me and the kids too. We're getting into a new routine. James is trying to adapt to the fact that Daddy isn't here during the day and he's testing his new boundaries. That doesn't come without it's challenges but I'd be surprised if he didn't test me. For a while there whilst Anthony was looking for work I felt like a fraud calling myself a stay at home Mum. Sure I was a stay at home Mum, but one with help. If I needed to pop to the shops, run upstairs and put clothes away, go take a shower without a five year old calling 'Mum' through the door after two minutes, then I could. When people would ask the question, "So what do you do?" I felt like, "I'm a housewife" was the wrong answer, although it was entirely true.

Now though, I love the fact that I can call myself a real housewife and stay at home Mum. I love the challenges that come with being at home with the kids all day. I even love the mundane moments, the routine and structure. Somedays I grumble when it seems like my to-do list is never going to end or James is telling me for the millionth time that he is hungry even though just thirty minutes before he refused to eat his dinner, even though I had used the "You'll get nothing else for the rest of the night" speech.

I sometimes joke that I am a wife in the wrong decade and that I should be in the 1940's. I like being at home. I love looking after my family and making sure that they are happy and nurtured. I would rather be at home on a Saturday night, putting the kids to bed and cleaning, than out in the clubs, dancing until the early hours. I feel like I got that all out of my system before we got married and had James. I feel like I've done things in the right order. I drunk my way through pubs, I've spent until 3am in a club and then got up for work the next morning and now I feel settled enough to not have to do that anymore and to be honest, if I was to go out on a Saturday night now, I'd be asleep on a bar stool by 9pm! 

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  1. I know exactly how you feel, I feel like that too. I did all my partying before getting married, now I'm content staying at home, having a quiet night and doing things for my family :)


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