Half A Dozen Years.

Yesterday we celebrated six years of marriage. Actually we didn't celebrate it due to Anthony still being unwell. We've decided that once he is better then we will pick another day for my birthday/our anniversary celebrations. 

It feels like I've blinked and already here we are.. Half a dozen years down the line. 

We've grown. We've changed, both as individuals and as a couple. We've laughed lots. We've had arguments and nights where we've gone to bed angry at each other. We've supported each other and cheered each other on. He sat by my side and held my hand as I pushed two babies into the world. We've spent nights talking about nothing until 2am. We've travelled and spent weekends at the beach and nights drinking in bars. We've said goodbye more times than I can count. I've ran into his arms five times as he returned from deployments. 

I think it's easy when you've been together for so long to start to take each other for granted. After eleven years as a couple and six years married I think we've occasionally fell into that trap. We talk about it though and try to rectify anything before it becomes and issue. My Auntie & Uncle have been married for 24 years and for me they are my role models when it comes to our marriage. I always say that in eighteen years time if we are half the couple that they are then we would be the luckiest people in the world.

Although I say we didn't celebrate.. I did get my birthday present...

{Meet Molly}

Anthony did good :) Ever since I was a child I have wanted a Border Collie. She is eleven weeks old and the sweetest thing. My third baby!


  1. Happy anniversary!!! You both look so so happy together :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many many more :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love the old photos of you two - you look like such babies!


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