Emilie - Thirteen Months.

As of yesterday Emilie is thirteen months old! Where did that last month go? 

The biggest achievement this month is that she now self settles. This is amazing for me as she is sleeping better at night. Now she wakes up once or twice but I normally just have to pop her dummy back in and she goes off to sleep again. We've had a couple of rough nights but I think that teething has played a part in that. Her fifth tooth popped through just a couple of days ago. 

She has no interest in walking. When she started pulling herself up at 7 months old I thought that she was going to be an early walker. Nope! She won't stand alone yet so I think walking is still a long way off.

She loves to talk but as soon as we have people in the house she shuts up! Her separation anxiety is still as bad as ever. I have vision of being the Mum at the school gate on her very first day with Emilie hanging onto my leg screaming whilst the teacher tries to tear her off! I kid, kind of, but I hoping that she gets better about it soon! At the minute just me walking to the bathroom will set her off screaming, let alone anyone else trying to pick her up! 

Technically I guess she is classed as a toddler now but to me she is still a baby! 

Happy thirteen months Boo Boo! 


  1. Awwww she is so cute. It's so hard when they start having only one nap a day, I remember when mine were that little and I wanted them to continue with the naps, but the minute they hit the 2 year old mark, that was it, no more. Ugh! hahaha

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Oh, she's such a darling! How beautiful! Love that you're doing these posts for her, recording how she was at each month. She will thank you!


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