August Goals.

Sometimes I am the most motivated person that you will meet. I will set my mind to something and I won't stop till it's completed. Whether that be something to do with the house, a project, something for the kids.. Other times though, I need a good kick up the backside. Sometimes I need to be held accountable. Now I know this isn't a brand new idea and I've seen lots of other bloggers do it so I'm jumping onto the bandwagon with monthly goals. I always make long term goals. Where I want to be in a year. Where I want to be in three years but day by day or even month by month.. Those little every day goals I want to write down and put them out there so that I can look at them daily and check them off one at a time. It's always good to have things to work towards, right?

1 - Open a bank account for Emilie. Yes this probably should have been done when she was born but it's one of those jobs that I think about doing and then something else pops into my head and before I know it another month has passed. 

2 - Organise our bedroom. I am hoping that I am not the only one that has this problem. Our bedroom is the 'dumping ground of the house.' Something doesn't have a home.. It goes into our room. Every time I walk into our room I look around, sigh, and try to ignore it. Not anymore.. Tomorrow I will start this! {Side note.. My look into storage solutions!} 

3 - Take Emilie's old clothes to the charity shop. Please see number two! Right now all her clothes that she has outgrown are stacked in our room. 

4 - Make a time capsule with James.  One of the items off our "Summer Bucket List."

5 - Work on Emilie's one year scrapbook. I have never scrapbooked in my life. When Emilie was born my sister started one for her as a present to us and left lots of blank pages for me to continue her story. I'm excited to give it a go.. {I may or may not be ringing my sister every night for advice!}

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  1. Good luck with your goals :) I am horrible at setting mine because I always forget about them and then get irritated with myself for messing up. lol


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