A Stressful Week.

I think this has been the most stressful week that I've had in a long time. Unwell children and unwell husband, a hospital stay for Anthony, about six hours sleep since Monday morning for me and feeling like I'm being pulled in four different directions all at the same time. I don't like it when things are this crazy. It doesn't bring out the best in me and when you add tiredness onto that I turn into a completely different person.

Thankfully today has been a little calmer. Long may it continue! I think I can just about muster up some bullet points before I dig into my bar of chocolate (I deserve it!) and watch NCIS.

  • Emilie became unwell three days after her MMR injection. I put it down to the side effects from that but yesterday it was deemed that she has hand, foot & mouth. I feel so bad for not realising sooner but I guess thats the problem with injections. They create so many of the symptoms of illnesses that's its hard to tell. Thankfully it seems like she has a mild case. 
  • Talking of Emilie I am seriously thinking of contacting a baby sleep consultant. After having James who needed no help in learning to self settle, it's been a learning curve having one that has no idea what self settling is and each time I've tried to help her along in the process it ends with her screaming and me feeling like the worst parent ever. I refuse to let her cry it out but now she is waking numerous times a night. Sometimes it's only three times, other nights it's fifteen. This Mama needs some guidance... And some sleep. 
  • I have so many 'house projects' that I want to start.. Damn you Pinterest.. Who knows if i'll ever have the time or money but I can still sit and pin can't I? 
  • It's my 21st  29th birthday on Saturday.. We were planning on celebrating it with a family day out somewhere but because of Anthony being unwell thats going to have to be postponed. I don't mind. As long as I'm with him and the kids I doesn't matter what we do. It's also our 6th wedding anniversary on the same day! I love the fact that we got married on my birthday. It makes the day all the more special! 
  • I was talking to my Mum yesterday and nearing the big 3-0. I remember when she turned 30 and she hated it. I remember her being so sad about getting older. I honestly find it hard to believe that next year I will be celebrating that milestone. In my head I still feel like I'm 18. In September she turns 50 and for her birthday me and my two sisters have organised for her to do a parachute jump. It's been on her bucket list for forever and when we told her at Emilie's birthday party she was so happy and shocked. She kept walking around telling everyone, "I'm jumping out of a plane!" I wonder if she will feel that enthusiastic on the day! 
  • I am officially a 'Soccer Mum!' For months James has been telling me that he wants to join a football team but most of them start at 7 years old. I finally found one that takes younger ones and he went for the first time last week. He LOVED it and everyday talks about going again this Saturday. 

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  1. Sorry you've had such a cruddy week, here's hoping you have a better one ahead and that every unwell feels better soon.

    Happy Birthday for Saturday :) I just turned 40 and I couldn't be happier, I don't have a problem turning older lol


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