Party Outfit!

I very rarely but myself new clothes. For two reasons really. Firstly, there is always something else that needs to be purchased first. Food, clothes for the kids, household expenses, you know how it goes. Secondly, staying at home, running after two kids all day I have come to value the comfort of a pair of jeans! Most days you'll find me in my comfy worn in jeans, my trainers and a vest top. It's just easier whilst I'm chasing a crawling-nearly-toddler and a five year old!

With Emilie's birthday party coming up though I wanted to treat myself. Last week I sat down and spent two hours online trying to find a dress.. That part was pretty easy..

It was on sale too and was a bargain which made it even easier to choose.. Then I decided that I needed new shoes to go with it. I found so many pairs but I spent SO long trying to decide if they would go with the dress and then when I did find several pairs that I liked they were all out of stock in my size.. Finally though I found these.. Also on sale! 

Today they arrived and I'm so happy with my purchases and so excited to have a reason to get dressed up and show everyone that yes, I do indeed have legs. 

Emilie also has the outfit for the big day so now I just need to kit the boys out! 

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  1. That's a super pretty dress! I feel like I'm always in jeans or yoga pants or something like that running after my girls lol. It's nice when you finally get a chance to dress up :)


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