Emilie - Eleven Months Old.

Holy moly! Eleven months old. I can't quite believe that in just one month I will be sitting here writing about her first year. How in the world is that possible? 

Emilie was weighed at her paediatric appointment and is 19lb 9oz. She is still in size 4+ nappies and wears mostly 9-12 month clothes. Her fourth tooth cut through on the 22nd of June. I think she has some more on the way if the drooling is anything to go by. 

Eating - Oh how her eating has approved this month! Most meals now I try to make so that she can feed herself. Things like pasta, sandwiches, omelettes etc. She's not really a fan of me spoon feeding her anymore so I try to accommodate that. She has three bottles a day and takes on average 22oz a day. Her favourite foods are strawberries, cheese, yoghurts and eggs. 

Sleeping - She started this month sleeping really well and going from 6.45pm to around 5.30am.. The past two weeks have been a bust though. She is randomly waking up throughout the night, some nights this is once an hour! She has taken to waking up at 4am every morning and I spend the next two hours trying to get her back to sleep because I won't let her get 'up' for the day until 6am. 
She has two naps a day still. She sleeps well for the first nap but the second nap she normally needs re-settling once or twice... (or three!) times. 

Milestones - Clapping! Emilie loves to clap! Also if I ask her "How big is Emilie" she lifts her arms up above her head. It's very cute! 

This month she also learnt how to drink out of a Sippy cup! No more water out of a bottle for us! 

Emilie loves - Dancing, music, her brother, being outside, clapping, bath time, playing peek-a-boo & being in the sling. 

Emile hates - Having something taken off her, getting dressed/undressed, nappy changes. 

This month has definitely been the best in regards to Emilie's temperament. She has been such a happy little thing! The week before her paediatric appointment I took her off her reflux medication so I could see how well her silent reflux was doing. She seemed fine without it in every way except she starting gagging and choking on her food again. I told the doctor this and she said to put her back on the medication because it is the reflux that is causing the food issues. Hopefully in a few months she'll be ready to stop the medication all together. Fingers crossed!

Happy ELEVEN months Boo Boo! 

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