Catch Up.

Every night I promise myself that I am going to sit down and write. As I'm going through my day I write posts in my head.. Then the kids are in bed and by the time I've finished all the little jobs, trying to wrap the day up, I am wiped out and you'll normally find me half asleep on the sofa whilst watching some mind numbing tv show..

Life lately...

James had his sports day at school last week. As all the kids walked out of the classroom and onto the sports field each one shyly looked at their Mum or Dad and kept on walking. James though, he walked out, spotted me and shouted.. "Hi Mum!" whilst waving like a mad person! I was so proud of him that day. Watching him interact with his friends, listening to his teachers and watching him on 'his' turf actually brought tears to my eyes.

He has just two weeks left at school before the Summer holidays. I cannot wait! 


Talking of upcoming events. A little girl turns one in just three weeks. I was watching her play this morning and she has changed so much, even over the past month. She somehow seems less 'baby' and more little girl. I'm excited to see how she changes over the summer!


A week last Sunday I woke up with lower back pain which after an hour spread to my right kidney. Every few months I get slight kidney pain but this was different. I couldn't walk, sit or lie down without wanting to take a knife and perform some self surgery. A friend offered to drive me to the hospital. The doctor was lovely and after performing some tests declared that it was either something to do with the kidney itself or appendicitis. They couldn't perform a CT scan until the Monday and neither the doctor nor the surgeon wanted me to go home. I pleaded with them and after promising that if it got any worse then I would come straight back, they let me go telling me that I would get a call the next morning with a time for my CT scan. Monday came and by 9am I was rolling around in agony. I can only compare it to child birth. Actually I would prefer child birth. Back to the hospital I went and after a CT scan it was declared that I have kidney stones. I don't mind saying that waiting for the results was the most nervous I have ever been. So many senarios ran through my head.. Kidney failure was one of them.. I was so thankful when I was told kidney stones and so happy that I finally knew why I was in so much pain. 

Towards the end of last week the pain relented but yesterday it came back with a vengeance. Lets just hope that means that the stones are on the move!

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