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Emilie's One Year Photos!

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Yesterday my sister and I headed to our local park with the kids in tow to take Emilie's One Year Photos! I was so worried that my temperamental, high spirited baby would scream her way through it but she surprised me and was a little trooper! Prepare yourself for photo overload :)

I may be slightly biased but I think they're beautiful! Now to start our busy birthday week! 



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First day of reception vs last day!


Today you finish your first year at school and I cannot even put into words how proud I am of you. I thought that you were grown up when you started back in September but over the past ten months you have changed even more and come on in leaps and bounds. I cannot believe that in just six weeks time you will be entering year one! You are so excited to be one of the 'bigger' kids!

You've dealt with a lot of changes this past year. The biggest being that you became a big brother but you have amazed me with how well you have adapted. You've taken it all in your stride and you love to tell anyone and everyone that you have a little sister. You are so protective over her and I love to watch you two interact with each other. 

Last week you came home with your school report and I cried whilst reading it. You are excelling in every area and the teachers comment at the bottom says that she is sure that you are going to 'excel in the future' and you know what? She's right. You, James, are going to go places and you are going to be amazing. 

You are such a determined young boy. You know exactly what you want and you're not afraid to tell people. You have your own opinions and if someone dare tell you otherwise then you let them know that you disagree. Along with that though, you are sensitive and have such a compassionate nature. That will get you just as far as your determination!

I hear a lot of parents say that they dread the summer break. Their kids get bored I guess but I have been eager for them to arrive for a while now. We have lots of plans. Swimming, days at the water park & park trips. You've asked to make a time capsule and although I have no idea where we are going to bury it, we're going to do it. I love it when you get excited over a project. It consumes you and you don't talk about anything else until it's completed. 

Always know that whatever happens I am so proud of you. I watch you run into school everyday and I'm always shocked by how much you've grown, how confident you are and that I get to watch you grow everyday. I get to be the one that at the end of the day you come running out of the school doors to, and then on the way home you tell me all about your day. I'm so lucky to be your Mummy and I'm so grateful for that every single day. 

Lots of Love,
Mummy xx 


Prince George!

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Today Prince George turns one! I remember a year ago waking up and hearing the news that Catherine was in labor and then hearing that it was set to be the hottest day of the year. Later that evening as I sat in my living room, 36 weeks pregnant, and glued to Sky News waiting to hear that the baby had been born. When the news broke it made me so eager to hold my own baby girl. Thinking that I had another four weeks to go I was a tad disheartened! Emilie had other plans though and just eight days later I was in labor myself on another scorcher of a day! 

{Oh the difference a year makes!}

I was already a big fan of the Royal Family but this past year I have enjoyed watching Prince George grow, especially because he is so close in age to Emilie. I've also loved seeing how the new parents have combined keeping their son's privacy but also fulfilling their Royal duties and allowing the public a glimpse of their baby. Catherine may be the Duchess of Cambridge and in the public eye but at the end of the day she is still a first time Mum just trying to do what we all are. Raise a healthy & happy child. 

Happy 1st birthday George! 


Party Outfit!

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I very rarely but myself new clothes. For two reasons really. Firstly, there is always something else that needs to be purchased first. Food, clothes for the kids, household expenses, you know how it goes. Secondly, staying at home, running after two kids all day I have come to value the comfort of a pair of jeans! Most days you'll find me in my comfy worn in jeans, my trainers and a vest top. It's just easier whilst I'm chasing a crawling-nearly-toddler and a five year old!

With Emilie's birthday party coming up though I wanted to treat myself. Last week I sat down and spent two hours online trying to find a dress.. That part was pretty easy..

It was on sale too and was a bargain which made it even easier to choose.. Then I decided that I needed new shoes to go with it. I found so many pairs but I spent SO long trying to decide if they would go with the dress and then when I did find several pairs that I liked they were all out of stock in my size.. Finally though I found these.. Also on sale! 

Today they arrived and I'm so happy with my purchases and so excited to have a reason to get dressed up and show everyone that yes, I do indeed have legs. 

Emilie also has the outfit for the big day so now I just need to kit the boys out! 


Catch Up.

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Every night I promise myself that I am going to sit down and write. As I'm going through my day I write posts in my head.. Then the kids are in bed and by the time I've finished all the little jobs, trying to wrap the day up, I am wiped out and you'll normally find me half asleep on the sofa whilst watching some mind numbing tv show..

Life lately...

James had his sports day at school last week. As all the kids walked out of the classroom and onto the sports field each one shyly looked at their Mum or Dad and kept on walking. James though, he walked out, spotted me and shouted.. "Hi Mum!" whilst waving like a mad person! I was so proud of him that day. Watching him interact with his friends, listening to his teachers and watching him on 'his' turf actually brought tears to my eyes.

He has just two weeks left at school before the Summer holidays. I cannot wait! 


Talking of upcoming events. A little girl turns one in just three weeks. I was watching her play this morning and she has changed so much, even over the past month. She somehow seems less 'baby' and more little girl. I'm excited to see how she changes over the summer!


A week last Sunday I woke up with lower back pain which after an hour spread to my right kidney. Every few months I get slight kidney pain but this was different. I couldn't walk, sit or lie down without wanting to take a knife and perform some self surgery. A friend offered to drive me to the hospital. The doctor was lovely and after performing some tests declared that it was either something to do with the kidney itself or appendicitis. They couldn't perform a CT scan until the Monday and neither the doctor nor the surgeon wanted me to go home. I pleaded with them and after promising that if it got any worse then I would come straight back, they let me go telling me that I would get a call the next morning with a time for my CT scan. Monday came and by 9am I was rolling around in agony. I can only compare it to child birth. Actually I would prefer child birth. Back to the hospital I went and after a CT scan it was declared that I have kidney stones. I don't mind saying that waiting for the results was the most nervous I have ever been. So many senarios ran through my head.. Kidney failure was one of them.. I was so thankful when I was told kidney stones and so happy that I finally knew why I was in so much pain. 

Towards the end of last week the pain relented but yesterday it came back with a vengeance. Lets just hope that means that the stones are on the move!


Emilie - Eleven Months Old.

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Holy moly! Eleven months old. I can't quite believe that in just one month I will be sitting here writing about her first year. How in the world is that possible? 

Emilie was weighed at her paediatric appointment and is 19lb 9oz. She is still in size 4+ nappies and wears mostly 9-12 month clothes. Her fourth tooth cut through on the 22nd of June. I think she has some more on the way if the drooling is anything to go by. 

Eating - Oh how her eating has approved this month! Most meals now I try to make so that she can feed herself. Things like pasta, sandwiches, omelettes etc. She's not really a fan of me spoon feeding her anymore so I try to accommodate that. She has three bottles a day and takes on average 22oz a day. Her favourite foods are strawberries, cheese, yoghurts and eggs. 

Sleeping - She started this month sleeping really well and going from 6.45pm to around 5.30am.. The past two weeks have been a bust though. She is randomly waking up throughout the night, some nights this is once an hour! She has taken to waking up at 4am every morning and I spend the next two hours trying to get her back to sleep because I won't let her get 'up' for the day until 6am. 
She has two naps a day still. She sleeps well for the first nap but the second nap she normally needs re-settling once or twice... (or three!) times. 

Milestones - Clapping! Emilie loves to clap! Also if I ask her "How big is Emilie" she lifts her arms up above her head. It's very cute! 

This month she also learnt how to drink out of a Sippy cup! No more water out of a bottle for us! 

Emilie loves - Dancing, music, her brother, being outside, clapping, bath time, playing peek-a-boo & being in the sling. 

Emile hates - Having something taken off her, getting dressed/undressed, nappy changes. 

This month has definitely been the best in regards to Emilie's temperament. She has been such a happy little thing! The week before her paediatric appointment I took her off her reflux medication so I could see how well her silent reflux was doing. She seemed fine without it in every way except she starting gagging and choking on her food again. I told the doctor this and she said to put her back on the medication because it is the reflux that is causing the food issues. Hopefully in a few months she'll be ready to stop the medication all together. Fingers crossed!

Happy ELEVEN months Boo Boo! 

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