Party Planning!

Emilie turns one on the 30th of next month and whilst part of me gets emotional every time I think about it the other part of me is excitedly planning her party! I took to Pinterest at the weekend to find some inspiration. I've mentioned my love/hate relationship that Pinterest & I have before and Sunday night was no different. I kept seeing idea after idea of things that I wanted to incorporate into her party and before I knew it my brain was over loaded! I'll never be able to do it all, for many reasons. Money, time & the fact that I am in no way crafty are just a few.

I loved these ideas though..

Photos from birth to 12 months. Printed and hung on string.. Even I can do that. Right?

Her vital statistics! I think this would look great on the cake table and an awesome keep sake for afterwards. I've already found a few companies on Etsy that make them. 

Emilie needs a tutu.. Every girl should wear a tutu at least once!

Luckily for us my youngest sister is a photographer. Last week we arranged to do Emilie's one year photos the Saturday before her birthday. I cannot wait! The photo above is beautiful and I love the idea of using balloons! 

Now I think this is a brilliant idea! How amazing would it be in 20 years to sit down with your child and read the 'predictions!'

I could go on and on...... and on... 

Any inspirational ideas you have, feel free to thrown them my way! 

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