Five On Friday.

I've been wanting to sit down and write this all day but my two little people have kept me on my toes. I always wonder how I filled my time before they came along. To think that I thought that I was busy then!

So.. It's Five On Friday time!

This week at school James' class had a 'Mini Beasts" day. They had fun activities, a picnic and a company called Zoolab came into the school and brought with them some mini beasts! James came home that day so excited and informed me that he had seen a tarantula, a scorpion and had touched a snake. He also added that they had brought in a monkey too. I have yet to confirm or deny that last one!

{His spider cookie that he made and then demolished in about 2.5 seconds}

Emilie had her check up with her paediatrician yesterday. I was hoping that they would discharge us but unfortunately they didn't. Although she is 100 times better than she was, when she is off her medication, her silent reflux is still causing her issues with her eating. We have another appointment in six months and I'm hoping that will be the last one. Fingers crossed! 

{An ice lolly helps both the swelling and the boo boo when you fall and cut your lip} 

I read this blog post today from Rachel over at Finding Joy.  10 Things Happy Mom's Don't Do. I am guilty of comparing myself, expecting perfection both in myself and my home. I'm forever rushing around trying to complete that never ending to-do list and I realised whilst reading it that I need to stop all of this. I don't want to miss out on the little moments with my kids just because I am worried about the dishes on the side or the washing that is still sitting wet in the machine. I've saved this post for the days when I really need to remind myself of this. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am for school to finish for the Summer. Not only so we can get started on our Summer Bucket List but also so we can all relax for a bit. I think James is tired as the school year ends. It's a lot for little ones to go from two hours a day at Nursery to all of a sudden six hours a day, five days a week at school. Every week by Friday poor old James is a bag of tantrums and tiredness. 

Yesterday I changed my pass lock on my iPhone. I know exactly what I changed it to, especially as you have to type it in twice to save it, when I went to unlock it though it denied me access by saying that it was incorrect.. Two hours later and after having my phone disabled numerous times I had to admit defeat and restore it to factory settings. I was gutted.. I hadn't backed up my photos since getting my MacBook so I lost every single photo on my phone. We're talking a few hundred photos here. What makes it worse is that I know what I changed the passcode to! Technology 1 - Liane 0.. 

Happy Weekend! 

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