Five On Friday.

My aim was to write this during Emilie's nap time but the whole day got away from me so here I am now at nearly 8.30pm. Better late than never, right?

1 - This week social media has made me want to hug my kids tighter, kiss them more and tell them constantly that I love them. It's made me want to wrap them up in cotton wool and never let them out of my sight. My heart has been heavy for a family that I have never met. I can't even imagine the pain of loosing a child.

2 - I don't know about anyone else but when I hear of someone else receiving devastating news, it makes me re-evaluate my own life. It makes me realise that all my little moans that I have are really insignificant. It makes me take stock and realise that yes we have our struggles and not everything is perfect but it could be a whole lot worse. We are together, we're happy, we're safe and healthy. Do I really need anything more?

3 - For a while now James has been asking us for a pet of his own. We explained to him that looking after an animal is a lot of work and commitment and that you can't just get bored and forget about it. These conversations have been going on for weeks. Today whilst James was at school we hit the pet shop to try and find a 'low maintenance, five year old friendly' pet. It ended up coming down to a fish or a bird. I made the final decision and we left with a cage and a Zebra Finch. Anthony & I were both like kids, rushing home to set up our new family member, both of us so excited for James to come home. I collected him from school and made no mention of the word, 'pets'. We got in and I asked James to go to his bedroom because I  had laid his clothes out on his bed. He opened his bedroom door and there on his dresser was his new friend! He was so excited!!
"You got me a pet! A bird! Wow! It's the best bird ever! What's it's name?"
I informed him that it was a girl and that he could name her whatever he wanted..
"I'm going to call her Zac Robin"
Ummm.. Okay then, Zac Robin it is.. He basically hasn't left his room since he got home from school. He's currently reading to the bird :)
4 - My twitter account got hacked last week. Every time I logged on it showed that I was following 60 new accounts that I had never heard of or added. I would delete them all and then the next time there would be another 60 new accounts added again. It was also showing me that I was sending private messages out to some of my own followers. A quick password change later and it seems to be sorted but it really annoyed me! That's my account I don't want some stranger hacking into it. Also it made me realise that you can have all the passwords you like but in todays world, people are always going to find a way in. The internet is a scary place sometimes.
5 - After two weekends full of activities and visits to family, I think this weekend is going to be more chilled out. We're all tired and Emilie & I have had colds since Monday. I think some downtime at home is much needed. Plus my house looks like I haven't touched it in weeks. Yes, my weekend will be filled with cleaning, sorting & ironing..
Happy Friday!

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  1. I have felt the same way about my little one this week after reading Ryan's story. Makes you treasure the little moments!


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