Five On Friday.

When I had my wisdom tooth taken out two weeks ago the dentist made me an appointment for this morning to do the rest of the work needed to fix my teeth. I've spent those two weeks working myself up into a state and psyching myself up for this morning. An hour before I was due to leave this morning the receptionist from the dentist practice rang to say that the dentist chair had broke and they needed to reschedule for next week. So I get a reprieve which is good but now I have the next four days to work myself up again. Not so good.


This one has always loved looking at herself in the mirror.. Now though, she has learnt to kiss herself in the mirror. Cute right? 

I downloaded the Etsy App on my phone the other day. BIG mistake.. BIG! I cannot stop looking at all the gorgeous handmade items on there. So far I've seen about a hundred dresses that I could buy for Emilie and just as many things for our house. 

My meal planning has gone to pot already. I need to motivate myself to get it back on track and I will do.. I will.. I'm going to try and use the weekend to organise myself. I guess I'm just having one of those weeks. (Or one of those months.) 


This is spot on.. :)

Happy Friday! 

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