Five On Friday.

It's not been a great week. It started on Monday morning when I woke up, tried sitting up and the whole room started spinning. It passed quickly and I didn't think too much about it. That morning I had a dentist appointment and they ended up taking my top wisdom tooth out. (I'm terrified of the dentist and haven't been in fifteen years.) So I've been dealing with the tooth extraction but the extreme diziness hasn't gone away and has gotten worse over the week. I've got a doctor coming today to make a house call. Hopefully they can tell me whats wrong. This whole week has gotten me down.

I am so excited for the weekend! My sister-in-law had her first baby last Friday and tomorrow we are all going to meet little baby Oliver! I cannot wait for baby snuggles and to see my sister-in-law. She is going to make an amazing Mummy! James is also very excited to meet his newest cousin.

Last night I was reading my old Live Journal from when James was a baby. Two points, it appears that I give birth to grumpy babies. I had forgotten how grumpy James was until he was about nine months old. I thought Emilie was worse but now I think they're about the same. Here's hoping Emilie grows out of it soon! Also, how much do they look alike?!

I've decided to start meal planning. Since Emilie was born I've gone for the quickest and easiest option when it comes to dinner time. I'm fed up of not knowing what I'm going to cook until ten minutes before dinner and also for feeling guilty for not serving healthy nutritious meals. Yesterday I sat down and made a list of everyone's favorite meals and then made a three week plan and also a shopping list. I'm excited to start cooking meals from scratch again! Last night I made Chicken breasts wrapped in cheese and bacon. It was always a big hit with Anthony & James and last night was no different. I'm now on a mission to find some new exciting recipes.

Talking about food. Emilie has never been able to tolerate any kind of lumps or texture. Everything has to be pureed and even that she sometimes gags on. Last night I gave her a little Cauliflower and some pasta spirals. She ate it all and didn't gag once! This is major progress! I'm fully expecting that we will still have some gagging/choking/vomiting episodes along the way but any kind of progress is good with me! 

Thank goodness it's Friday!


  1. Sorry about having to get your wisdom teeth taked out. Boo! I hate the dentist. I was there last week to get a filling done and came home with a crown. Yuck! I do meal planning for 2 weeks at a time. Sometimes things changed or get moved around due to things that come up, but it works well for us. I don't feel near as flustered or annoyed when it's time to make dinner now. Have a great weekend!

  2. Your two little ones look so much alike!! The resemblance is uncanny! And that's a bummer about getting your wisdom tooth out! I remember when I had to get mine taken out and it was not fun at all.

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have an awesome weekend! :)


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