A Late Weekend Round Up.

It was a bank holiday this weekend which is obviously a great thing being a long weekend but now my days are all muddled up. I spent all day yesterday thinking that it was Sunday and now I'm thinking it's Monday.

We had another weekend filled with family and overall it was fun! We got to meet our new nephew on Saturday. He's a cutie but for the first time ever I held a baby and didn't feel broody.. That's a new one for me. Emilie has ruined me for all other babies ;) I kid, kind of..

My Mum hosted a BBQ on Saturday. It's not often we all get together and the weather was perfect.

I posted this photo to Instragram whilst I was trying to keep Emilie asleep and therefore missing out on all the fun. 


See the photos above.. Firstly lets take a minute to appreciate the awesomeness that is leg warmers on a baby.. 

Towards the end of last year my Sister taught herself to crochet. (I have no idea how she taught herself, I've tried and it's so difficult!) Since then she has gotten better and better and has now started up her own little Crochet business whilst she stays at home with her daughter. If you're in the market for some crochet goodies then head over to her Facebook page, Isla & Willow and check her out.


Trying to get a good photo of both James & Emilie together is proving to be near impossible. I feel like a director trying to get the perfect shot.. "Everyone look at Mummy" "James take your finger out you nose.." "Emilie! Where's Mummy!" It's exhausting, I tell you. 


I'm pretty sure that Emilie & I have the worst immune systems of anyone that I know. Just a few weeks after we both had a cold, we are both down for the count again. My throat feels like sandpaper and I've lost count of the amount of times I've sneezed whilst writing this. Emilie isn't much better and isn't sleeping well. Who gets a cold at this time of the year? 

Here's to another week! 

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