Twenty Random Things.

I've seen a few other people doing this so I'm jumping on the bandwagon because it looks like fun! 

Twenty random things you may (or may not) know about me. 

1 - I love cheese. Like really love it. The week after James was born I had fifteen blocks of cheese in my fridge.. Not too good considering we later found out that he had a milk intolerance. 

2 - I love Disney movies and am relishing the fact that now I have a daughter I also have an excuse to buy the girly ones, such as Cinderella and Snow White. 

3 - I suffer from Emetophobia. Which in turns causes me to suffer from anxiety attacks. Thankfully I've learnt to control it but for a while a few years back I was loop de loop crazy! 

4 - Sometimes I miss the life of being a Military wife. 

5 - I've always wanted to live in America. When I was about twelve I found out that my Mum had the chance to move there when she was sixteen. I was so mad at her! I ranted and raved about how if she had moved then I would have been born American! 

6 - I've only ever been abroad twice and both times I was a kid. 

7 - I am and will always be Team Britney. 

8 - I still haven't finished the book that I started nearly four years ago. I guess I lost faith in my writing. 

9 - I have so many 'hobbies' that I would love to turn into something more.. That faith thing again.. 

10 - I believe that being a Mummy is the best job in the world. 

11 - I get SAD in the winter. It's amazing the change in me when the sun comes out. 

12 - I am particular about certain things.. How the plates are stacks in the dishwasher is my biggest one! 

13 - Being late is my pet peeve. 

14 - I swear.. A lot.. I have the mouth of a sailor.. 

15 - Talking of sailing.. I will never ever ever ever get on a boat.. Maybe I've watched Titanic too many times but the thought of being in the middle of the Ocean scares me. 

16 - Easter is one of my favorite holidays. 

17 - I am addicting to 'Googling' stuff.. I am the worst for going to Google with medical symptoms and before I know it, I've diagnosed myself with the Ebola virus. 

18 - I wish I could sit in my PJ's in the morning but as soon as I am up I have to be dressed with my hair done and make up on.. I blame my Mum for that one.. As a kid we were never allowed to sit around once we woke up.. We had to be dressed! 

19 - I love writing, knitting, reading, photography and Psychology. 

20 - I am so shy. Embarrassingly so. I wish I was more confident and outgoing. 

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