Last week, Samantha over at The Samantha Show came up with the idea of #MommyAndMe52.. A simple but brilliant idea of taking a photo of yourself with your kids once a week for 52 weeks.. I loved this idea because I have literally thousands of photos of James & Emilie but most of them are just that.. Photos of them.

As Samantha said...

I read something somewhere that when you can, you should try and put yourself in as many pictures with your kiddos as possible. Because down the road, those are the ones that are going to be their favorites. I mean, I love seeing pictures of me when I was little but I love the ones with my parents and me even more. 

I couldn't have put it better myself. There are two reasons why I'm not in many photos. Firstly, I am normally the one taking the photos and secondly, I hate myself in pictures. I am so critical and always see my flaws. Whereas what I should be seeing is a beautiful photo of me and my kids.. Something that in years to come I would look back on and smile.. 

So, I'm facing my fear of photos and taking on this challenge! Once a week I am going to post a photo here and on twitter with the hash tag MommyAndMe52. I'm excited to see how much we all change in the year!

So.. here goes.. 

And an extra one because James & I were playing with my camera earlier :)

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