#MommyAndMe52 - Week Two

If you could have seen me this morning trying to capture my #MommyAndMe52 photo with the kids, you would have probably had a right laugh. James wasn't interested in it at all and was intent on pulling funny faces and Emilie was a bit of a grump. After me pleading with James to give me "Just one nice smile.." and taking about twenty photos I realised something. This is real life. A grumpy baby and a funny five year old that likes to make me laugh. The whole point of this #MommyAndMe52 project, for me at least, isn't just to get photos of myself with the kids but to also capture us over a year.. Us.. So we're not perfect and my children aren't always happy. They aren't always cooperative. I don't want 52 perfectly staged photos with perfectly clean and smiling children.. (Okay a few with smiling children would be nice!)

So, I decided to stop and choose one from the several I had previously dismissed. It's not perfect. There's James with his funny faces and Emilie with a snotty nose and fingers in her mouth.. But it's perfect because it's us..

If you want to join in then just post your photo along with the #MommyAndMe52 to your blog, twitter or Instagram.. Or just keep them for yourselves!

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