#MommyAndMe52 - Week 3 & 4

Lets ignore the fact that I am already one week behind on the #MommyAndMe52 challenge shall we? I'm dealing with two sick kiddos so everything is up in the air. James was meant to be back at school after the Easter break yesterday but a tummy bug and school don't go well together. He isn't that disappointed about his delayed return.

So weeks three & four. I'm posting both of them together because this is one challenge that for memories sake I really want to keep up with. Normal #MommyAndMe52 posting will resume at the weekend :)

You will see from this that I totally failed at my "embracing the curls" mission. It was awful and my hair is so damaged that my curls.. Well, they weren't really curls anymore. It looked lifeless so the hair straighteners made their reappearance. 

Why don't we just focus on the cute baby? 

And week four.. 

Unwell children means messy looking Mummy.. 

Phew! All caught up. 

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