Five On Friday!

1 - We have a busy weekend planned filled with family. It starts with breakfast with Anthony's side of the family tomorrow and then Sunday lunch at my Nan's house on Sunday. I go between craving quiet and weekends at home to wanting to cram those two days full of fun and adventure.

2 - We officially have a crawler. In the space of five years I had forgotten how much stuff a mobile baby can get into. Oh and how can she be nine months old next Wednesday?

3 - I'm really enjoying making sure that I take some time everyday to write and blog. I didn't realise how much I missed it until I re-evaluated my priorities and made that promise to myself earlier this week that I will sit, even for 20 minutes a day and write.

4 - I really want to watch the American Blogger movie. I'm thinking that I may have to invest the money and download it. I keep seeing photos and the trailer for it, which only makes me want to watch it more.

5 - This week has been tough. Starting with the kids both having a stomach bug and then yesterday I felt awful so my anxiety has been doing a number on me. Here's hoping that the weekend is better!


  1. I want to see American Blogger too! It's so fun to see our friends in the "big screen" ;)

  2. Ugh! Hope the kids are feeling better soon!!! I'm starting to think I need to watch American Blogger too! I've heard a lot of people have been watching it!!!

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