Emilie - Nine Months.

Nine months! Holy hell.. In three months we''ll be celebrating her birthday. This year has flown by and it's a little scary!

She hasn't been weighed for a while but at the last weight check she was just over 17lbs. She is wearing a mixture of 6-9 months and 9-12 month clothing and has just gone up to size 4+ nappies. 

Eating She is still struggling with any lumps in her food.. The poor things sometimes gags and chokes on purred food. We keep experimenting with different textures but so far there hasn't been a lot of luck. She eats three meals a day and has four bottles. For a baby that hated milk as a tiny baby she is suddenly loving it and refusing to drop to three bottles! 

Sleeping She is still taking two to three naps a day. I'm trying to phase the last afternoon nap out but some days she still really needs it. Night times this month haven't been too bad although by about 4am she mostly ends up in bed with us. I'm not going to pretend I don't like the early morning snuggles although being woken up by my hair being pulled isn't my favorite thing! 


Crawling! Yep, Miss E is now mobile! She has the funniest little crawl. She keeps one foot flat on the floor with her knee up, she moves that foot and drags the other leg. She gets to where she needs to go though!

Waving - It's the cutest thing. I say to her, "Emilie do bye bye" she then waves and tries to say 'bye bye.' We do this about a hundred times a day :)

Emilie loves - Still thinks her big brother is the best thing in the world (he is!), being outside, playing on our bed, yogurts, her baby doll, when I vacuum. 

Emilie hates - She still hates having her nappy changed except now she throws epic tantrums when I do. As soon as I get a clean nappy out she starts screaming, getting dressed, being stuck in the house. 

Overall this month Emilie has been struggling. I finally got her doctor to up her reflux medication and it's helped slightly and stopped her awful coughing. I think she has being going through some Wonder Weeks though, she is so clingly and frustrated all the time. Ah my temperamental little soul :)

Happy nine months Peanut! 

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