Embracing The Curls.

I just started writing my Five On Friday post and then realised that we're only on Thursday.. I'm just going to go ahead and blame that on baby brain, okay?

So instead the post that I was planning for tomorrow (which I thought was Saturday!) is coming today..


You may or may not know but my hair is naturally curly. I've always hated it. As a kid my Mum would blow dry my hair until it was basically a ball of frizz.. Once I finally convinced my Mum to just let it dry naturally, I spent years washing it and sticking it up in a pony tail, just so I could hide the curls and volume. Then for the past few years I've been straightening it. 

Two points here.. Trying to straighten curly hair takes a lot of time.. It's so thick that firstly I have to separate my hair into three big sections and then each of those sections has to be sectioned again.. It's takes me nearly two hours to wash, dry & straighten.. Secondly who has that amount of spare time when there are little ones running around and demanding your attention?! 

So long story short.. This morning I decided that I am going to embrace the curls.. I washed it this morning and just let it dry naturally with a little bit of moose. I still hate it. The years of straightening has damaged my hair and my curls are no longer bouncy.. I think it's going to take a long time before the damage is undone, which kind of makes me sad. 

I was mooching around on Pinterest earlier and I came across this article 

I'm pretty much guilty of every single one. I don't even own a wide tooth comb... I am making a promise to myself and documenting it here so that I am accountable. I am not going to straighten my hair. I am going to try and make the most of my curls. I am going to try and undo the damage. I am going to buy a wide tooth comb ;) 

I need to take some before photos I think so that I can hopefully document my mission of "Embracing The Curls"

Lastly.. Just for laughs...

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  1. As a woman, born with fine, limp hair, who was thrilled her daughter inherited her dad's naturally curly hair, I'm so glad to have found your article. My daughter has had a love/hate attitude towards her hair, and I've tried getting her to appreciate it for the gift it is. Get a wide tooth comb, and also scrunch your hair with your fingers as it dries to help curls to form as it dries. Find a good conditioner, and be sure to eat a good healthy diet, plenty of protein, meat, eggs, nuts, dark leafy greens, yogurt, and after a few months you'll notice healthier hair.


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