1 - Full term - the day before she was born. 2 - Four days old. 3 - Today! 37 + 1 days :)                                                                              

Today Emilie has been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside! 

Oh and what a rocky thirty seven weeks and one day it has been.. She hasn't been the easiest baby to deal with and we are still struggling with her silent reflux and constant crying. It's affecting her eating and her general temperament but she is an amazing little girl. 

I can tell that she is going to be a handful as a toddler! She is going to be one of those that is into everything and climbing over anyone in her way! 

She has a cheeky laugh and the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen.  

She thinks the world of James and in just a few months will be following him everywhere. 

She has one tooth, which came through last week!

She says Mama & Dada

She is trying so hard to crawl.. She gets onto all fours, moves her hands forward and then falls flat onto her tummy!

She pulled herself up for the first time at the weekend using her toy box. 

She loves yogurts.

Her "baby" is her favorite toy. 

She wakes me up in the morning by pulling my hair. 

She is always happy in water. 

She has my temper. My goodness are we going to have to keep that in check! 

She loves being in the sling. 

She hates to be stuck in the house and loves to be outside. 

She screams if anyone but me or Anthony picks her up. 

She pulls her hair when shes tired. 

She thinks the hoover is the best invention ever and squeals with delight every time I bring it out to vacuum. 

She wants to know everything that is going on and loves to be the center of attention. 

If she see's another baby she gets so excited! 

She loves cuddles. 

Happy "On the outside as long as you were on the inside" day little lady! We all love you loads. Thank you for completing our family! xxx

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