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Emilie - Nine Months.

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Nine months! Holy hell.. In three months we''ll be celebrating her birthday. This year has flown by and it's a little scary!

She hasn't been weighed for a while but at the last weight check she was just over 17lbs. She is wearing a mixture of 6-9 months and 9-12 month clothing and has just gone up to size 4+ nappies. 

Eating She is still struggling with any lumps in her food.. The poor things sometimes gags and chokes on purred food. We keep experimenting with different textures but so far there hasn't been a lot of luck. She eats three meals a day and has four bottles. For a baby that hated milk as a tiny baby she is suddenly loving it and refusing to drop to three bottles! 

Sleeping She is still taking two to three naps a day. I'm trying to phase the last afternoon nap out but some days she still really needs it. Night times this month haven't been too bad although by about 4am she mostly ends up in bed with us. I'm not going to pretend I don't like the early morning snuggles although being woken up by my hair being pulled isn't my favorite thing! 


Crawling! Yep, Miss E is now mobile! She has the funniest little crawl. She keeps one foot flat on the floor with her knee up, she moves that foot and drags the other leg. She gets to where she needs to go though!

Waving - It's the cutest thing. I say to her, "Emilie do bye bye" she then waves and tries to say 'bye bye.' We do this about a hundred times a day :)

Emilie loves - Still thinks her big brother is the best thing in the world (he is!), being outside, playing on our bed, yogurts, her baby doll, when I vacuum. 

Emilie hates - She still hates having her nappy changed except now she throws epic tantrums when I do. As soon as I get a clean nappy out she starts screaming, getting dressed, being stuck in the house. 

Overall this month Emilie has been struggling. I finally got her doctor to up her reflux medication and it's helped slightly and stopped her awful coughing. I think she has being going through some Wonder Weeks though, she is so clingly and frustrated all the time. Ah my temperamental little soul :)

Happy nine months Peanut! 


What Catherine Wore.

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I'm a big fan of William & Kate so much so that I followed the Royal Tour around Australia & New Zealand like it was my full time job. I was excited to see what Prince George was up to (and love the fact that he is only 8 days older than Emilie!) but I was also excited to see what outfits the Duchess of Cambridge decided to wear. She didn't disappoint! I loved pretty much every outfit that she stepped out in but here are my top six!


I love this Lela Rose cocktail dress. It's simple and understated but beautiful. 


It's the colour of this Stella McCartney shift dress that makes it one of my favorites. I love how she matched her outfit with Prince George's! 


Okay, I'm a sucker for a good hat :) This Alexander McQueen Dress Coat is elegant and lady like. 


I love everything about this outfit. The print, the length, the arms, the shoes. All of it works, it's fun and Catherine looks fantastic. 


This Roksanda Ilincic dress is awesome! Again, I love the colour and think it looks beautiful on Catherine. I also love the fact that when she was speaking to the press she told them that Prince William said that she looked like a banana!


This LK Bennett dress is my favorite outfit that she wore. It's simple but looks fun with the blue print. It's a flattering style. I want this in my wardrobe! 


#MommyAndMe52 - Week 5

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It's been such a busy weekend but it's been so much fun catching up with family and off course it's a bonus that there was lots of yummy food involved!

I've got two exhausted kids tucked up in bed and that's where I am heading but I wanted to get this weeks #MommyAndMe52 photo posted.

This photo challenge has been so good for me. Normally the camera roll on my phone is filled with photo after photo of the kids but now there are so many that have me in them too! I'm learning to look past the fact that I am the least photogenic person that I know and instead love the fact that I have have pictures of all of us together.. 

Now... To convince Anthony that it's okay to have his photo taken too :)


Five On Friday!

1 - We have a busy weekend planned filled with family. It starts with breakfast with Anthony's side of the family tomorrow and then Sunday lunch at my Nan's house on Sunday. I go between craving quiet and weekends at home to wanting to cram those two days full of fun and adventure.

2 - We officially have a crawler. In the space of five years I had forgotten how much stuff a mobile baby can get into. Oh and how can she be nine months old next Wednesday?

3 - I'm really enjoying making sure that I take some time everyday to write and blog. I didn't realise how much I missed it until I re-evaluated my priorities and made that promise to myself earlier this week that I will sit, even for 20 minutes a day and write.

4 - I really want to watch the American Blogger movie. I'm thinking that I may have to invest the money and download it. I keep seeing photos and the trailer for it, which only makes me want to watch it more.

5 - This week has been tough. Starting with the kids both having a stomach bug and then yesterday I felt awful so my anxiety has been doing a number on me. Here's hoping that the weekend is better!


#MommyAndMe52 - Week 3 & 4

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Lets ignore the fact that I am already one week behind on the #MommyAndMe52 challenge shall we? I'm dealing with two sick kiddos so everything is up in the air. James was meant to be back at school after the Easter break yesterday but a tummy bug and school don't go well together. He isn't that disappointed about his delayed return.

So weeks three & four. I'm posting both of them together because this is one challenge that for memories sake I really want to keep up with. Normal #MommyAndMe52 posting will resume at the weekend :)

You will see from this that I totally failed at my "embracing the curls" mission. It was awful and my hair is so damaged that my curls.. Well, they weren't really curls anymore. It looked lifeless so the hair straighteners made their reappearance. 

Why don't we just focus on the cute baby? 

And week four.. 

Unwell children means messy looking Mummy.. 

Phew! All caught up. 


Military Wives - Link Up!

Mal Smiles

I am so excited about this link up with Samantha! We're breaking the typical stereotypes that come part in parcel with being a military wife! (I realised yesterday that I miss blogging several times a week. Since having Emilie and dealing with all of her issues I've let the things that I really love to do slide. I guess that comes with having children, they come first and you come second but last night I made myself a promise that I am going to set aside time for myself everyday once the kids are asleep to sit and write, to preserve our memories here on my blog! I think this post is the perfect place to start!) 

For those of you that are joining me from the link up, Hi! I'm Liane, a 28 year old, stay at home Mummy to two! We live in England and my husband was medically discharged from the British Army in 2010. 

I met my husband Anthony in 2003 when he was already in the Army and building quite the career for himself. We started dating in the January of 2004 and up until then I hadn't really paid much attention to the Military. He was the first soldier that I had met. Our first four years together, he lived in barracks and I stayed at home in Northamptonshire. We went through four long deployments together. Before I met Anthony if anyone would have asked me if I could be in a long distance relationship then without a doubt I would have said, NO! I didn't think I was the type of person that could go for long periods of time without seeing their other half. I surprised myself (and everyone around me) though, I survived and our relationship didn't suffer because of the distance between us. We loved the weekends and the odd few weeks that we got to spend together. I became a devoted letter-writer and my mobile phone was never more than an arms length away from me. 

We got married in August 2008 (my 23rd birthday!) and a month later I moved to London where Anthony was stationed. Not only did I fall in love with the city but I adored being an "Army Wife" - (It's nothing like on TV!) By this point I was pregnant with our first child and was the happiest I had ever been. Sure, I hated the time we had to spend apart but life in general was great. The biggest thing I loved was the sense of community. It wasn't unusual for my door to knock at 11pm and my neighbor would be stood there looking for some company because her husband was away or for me to be at a friends door at 8am because the baby had been awake for four hours already. The first time my Mum came to visit she was shocked at the closeness of all the wives.

Off course there were downsides.. There is a saying that if the Army wanted you to have a wife then they would have issued you with one.. It's off course a joke but it felt like that sometimes. The Army didn't care if your kids Dad didn't make it home in time for bedtime stories for three weeks on the bounce or if your husband had to miss your child's first Christmas.  

In 2010, after suffering injuries in Iraq, Anthony was medically discharged. I always knew that when his time came to leave the military that he would have a hard time adjusting but I never realised that I would also feel lost. 

We moved back home and it took me three years for it to actually feel like home. I missed my friends the most but I also missed the structure and way of life that we had built. Today, I still have moments of longing. Maybe I look back at it all with rose tinted glasses because it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, far from it, but it was a big part of my life and a great part at that!

Some stereotypes of military wives that I thought I would kill whilst I'm writing this..

1 - We do not give birth to a child once a year.
2 - We do not all cheat on our husbands when they are deployed.
3 - We do get dressed, put make-up on and do our hair. We do not sit in PJ's all day, every day.
4 - Some of us are educated women.
5- The wife does not get snootier the higher her husband climbs the ranks. Yes I've met snooty officer wives but I've also met wives of Guardsmen that are just as snooty.
6 - It is nothing like the TV show, Army Wives... I wish! The show is fantastic and I watched it every week without fail but it's glamorized for TV.

"The Silent Ranks"

I wear no uniforms, no blues or army greens
But I am in the Army in the ranks rarely seen
I have no rank upon my shoulders - salutes I do not give
But the military world is the place where I live
I'm not in the chain of command, orders I do not get
But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget
I'm not the one who fires the weapon, who puts my life on the line
But my job is just as tough. I'm the one that's left behind
My husband is a patriot, a brave and prideful man
And the call to serve his country not all can understand
Behind the lines I see the things needed to keep this country free
My husband makes the sacrifice, but so do our kids and me
I love the man I married, Soldiering is his life
But I stand among the silent ranks known as the Army Wife
 Author: Unknown

Thank you for stopping by! 



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    1 - Full term - the day before she was born. 2 - Four days old. 3 - Today! 37 + 1 days :)                                                                              

Today Emilie has been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside! 

Oh and what a rocky thirty seven weeks and one day it has been.. She hasn't been the easiest baby to deal with and we are still struggling with her silent reflux and constant crying. It's affecting her eating and her general temperament but she is an amazing little girl. 

I can tell that she is going to be a handful as a toddler! She is going to be one of those that is into everything and climbing over anyone in her way! 

She has a cheeky laugh and the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen.  

She thinks the world of James and in just a few months will be following him everywhere. 

She has one tooth, which came through last week!

She says Mama & Dada

She is trying so hard to crawl.. She gets onto all fours, moves her hands forward and then falls flat onto her tummy!

She pulled herself up for the first time at the weekend using her toy box. 

She loves yogurts.

Her "baby" is her favorite toy. 

She wakes me up in the morning by pulling my hair. 

She is always happy in water. 

She has my temper. My goodness are we going to have to keep that in check! 

She loves being in the sling. 

She hates to be stuck in the house and loves to be outside. 

She screams if anyone but me or Anthony picks her up. 

She pulls her hair when shes tired. 

She thinks the hoover is the best invention ever and squeals with delight every time I bring it out to vacuum. 

She wants to know everything that is going on and loves to be the center of attention. 

If she see's another baby she gets so excited! 

She loves cuddles. 

Happy "On the outside as long as you were on the inside" day little lady! We all love you loads. Thank you for completing our family! xxx


Twenty Random Things.

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I've seen a few other people doing this so I'm jumping on the bandwagon because it looks like fun! 

Twenty random things you may (or may not) know about me. 

1 - I love cheese. Like really love it. The week after James was born I had fifteen blocks of cheese in my fridge.. Not too good considering we later found out that he had a milk intolerance. 

2 - I love Disney movies and am relishing the fact that now I have a daughter I also have an excuse to buy the girly ones, such as Cinderella and Snow White. 

3 - I suffer from Emetophobia. Which in turns causes me to suffer from anxiety attacks. Thankfully I've learnt to control it but for a while a few years back I was loop de loop crazy! 

4 - Sometimes I miss the life of being a Military wife. 

5 - I've always wanted to live in America. When I was about twelve I found out that my Mum had the chance to move there when she was sixteen. I was so mad at her! I ranted and raved about how if she had moved then I would have been born American! 

6 - I've only ever been abroad twice and both times I was a kid. 

7 - I am and will always be Team Britney. 

8 - I still haven't finished the book that I started nearly four years ago. I guess I lost faith in my writing. 

9 - I have so many 'hobbies' that I would love to turn into something more.. That faith thing again.. 

10 - I believe that being a Mummy is the best job in the world. 

11 - I get SAD in the winter. It's amazing the change in me when the sun comes out. 

12 - I am particular about certain things.. How the plates are stacks in the dishwasher is my biggest one! 

13 - Being late is my pet peeve. 

14 - I swear.. A lot.. I have the mouth of a sailor.. 

15 - Talking of sailing.. I will never ever ever ever get on a boat.. Maybe I've watched Titanic too many times but the thought of being in the middle of the Ocean scares me. 

16 - Easter is one of my favorite holidays. 

17 - I am addicting to 'Googling' stuff.. I am the worst for going to Google with medical symptoms and before I know it, I've diagnosed myself with the Ebola virus. 

18 - I wish I could sit in my PJ's in the morning but as soon as I am up I have to be dressed with my hair done and make up on.. I blame my Mum for that one.. As a kid we were never allowed to sit around once we woke up.. We had to be dressed! 

19 - I love writing, knitting, reading, photography and Psychology. 

20 - I am so shy. Embarrassingly so. I wish I was more confident and outgoing. 


#MommyAndMe52 - Week Two

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If you could have seen me this morning trying to capture my #MommyAndMe52 photo with the kids, you would have probably had a right laugh. James wasn't interested in it at all and was intent on pulling funny faces and Emilie was a bit of a grump. After me pleading with James to give me "Just one nice smile.." and taking about twenty photos I realised something. This is real life. A grumpy baby and a funny five year old that likes to make me laugh. The whole point of this #MommyAndMe52 project, for me at least, isn't just to get photos of myself with the kids but to also capture us over a year.. Us.. So we're not perfect and my children aren't always happy. They aren't always cooperative. I don't want 52 perfectly staged photos with perfectly clean and smiling children.. (Okay a few with smiling children would be nice!)

So, I decided to stop and choose one from the several I had previously dismissed. It's not perfect. There's James with his funny faces and Emilie with a snotty nose and fingers in her mouth.. But it's perfect because it's us..

If you want to join in then just post your photo along with the #MommyAndMe52 to your blog, twitter or Instagram.. Or just keep them for yourselves!


Spring Has Sprung.

You know Spring has sprung when it's time for the first park adventure of the year. I was even more so excited for it this year knowing that it was Emilie's first time and also knowing that my outdoor loving girl would adore it! 

I wasn't wrong.. Allow the photos to do the talking.. 

We also had a five year old who's excitement rivaled his sisters. We brought sandwiches and sat at the bench and by looking at him you would have thought he was in Disneyland. 

The school Easter holidays have begun! 


Embracing The Curls.

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I just started writing my Five On Friday post and then realised that we're only on Thursday.. I'm just going to go ahead and blame that on baby brain, okay?

So instead the post that I was planning for tomorrow (which I thought was Saturday!) is coming today..


You may or may not know but my hair is naturally curly. I've always hated it. As a kid my Mum would blow dry my hair until it was basically a ball of frizz.. Once I finally convinced my Mum to just let it dry naturally, I spent years washing it and sticking it up in a pony tail, just so I could hide the curls and volume. Then for the past few years I've been straightening it. 

Two points here.. Trying to straighten curly hair takes a lot of time.. It's so thick that firstly I have to separate my hair into three big sections and then each of those sections has to be sectioned again.. It's takes me nearly two hours to wash, dry & straighten.. Secondly who has that amount of spare time when there are little ones running around and demanding your attention?! 

So long story short.. This morning I decided that I am going to embrace the curls.. I washed it this morning and just let it dry naturally with a little bit of moose. I still hate it. The years of straightening has damaged my hair and my curls are no longer bouncy.. I think it's going to take a long time before the damage is undone, which kind of makes me sad. 

I was mooching around on Pinterest earlier and I came across this article 

I'm pretty much guilty of every single one. I don't even own a wide tooth comb... I am making a promise to myself and documenting it here so that I am accountable. I am not going to straighten my hair. I am going to try and make the most of my curls. I am going to try and undo the damage. I am going to buy a wide tooth comb ;) 

I need to take some before photos I think so that I can hopefully document my mission of "Embracing The Curls"

Lastly.. Just for laughs...



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Last week, Samantha over at The Samantha Show came up with the idea of #MommyAndMe52.. A simple but brilliant idea of taking a photo of yourself with your kids once a week for 52 weeks.. I loved this idea because I have literally thousands of photos of James & Emilie but most of them are just that.. Photos of them.

As Samantha said...

I read something somewhere that when you can, you should try and put yourself in as many pictures with your kiddos as possible. Because down the road, those are the ones that are going to be their favorites. I mean, I love seeing pictures of me when I was little but I love the ones with my parents and me even more. 

I couldn't have put it better myself. There are two reasons why I'm not in many photos. Firstly, I am normally the one taking the photos and secondly, I hate myself in pictures. I am so critical and always see my flaws. Whereas what I should be seeing is a beautiful photo of me and my kids.. Something that in years to come I would look back on and smile.. 

So, I'm facing my fear of photos and taking on this challenge! Once a week I am going to post a photo here and on twitter with the hash tag MommyAndMe52. I'm excited to see how much we all change in the year!

So.. here goes.. 

And an extra one because James & I were playing with my camera earlier :)

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