This Week.

This week.....

1 - I have re-discovered the joys of the show Desperate Housewives. In the past week I've watched the whole last season, which I never saw the first time around. The end was a tear jerker.

2 - I tried to bring Emilie's pediatrician appointment forward for her silent reflux.. The earliest appointment they could give me was June.. Three months away! I had no other choice but to take it.

3 - James has mufti-day at school tomorrow. In exchange for wearing their own clothes they have to take an Easter Egg in for the Easter raffle. James firstly isn't happy that he cannot eat the egg, also he doesn't understand why he can't eat it.. Good luck to the teachers tomorrow. 40 odd kids who can't eat any of the chocolate that they are taking into the class!

4 - I would love to know where Spring went. Two weeks ago it arrived and left about four days later.

5 - I've been reading The Attachment Parenting book & also The Fussy Baby Book, both by Dr. Sears. I wish I had read them five years ago.

6 - I really need to start Spring cleaning. Last year was a lot easier with just one child!

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