Lion & Her Cubs.

Phew. What a crazy week. The biggest thing I have learnt since becoming a parent is to always trust my motherly instincts. I was first taught this lesson when James was three weeks old and everyone was telling me that he was fine and I was just a first time Mum over reacting. I stuck to my guns though and eventually got him a diagnosis and the medical intervention that he needed. I swore to myself on that day that from then on I would never go against my instincts when it came to my children.

Emilie has been battling a fever this week. She seemed fine in nearly all other ways apart from being very miserable. I thought that it might be teething related but when on Thursday she was still no better I took her to the doctor. He checked her ears, chest & throat and confirmed that there was no infection and to bring her back on Monday if she wasn't any better. In the back of my head I kept thinking that leaving her until Monday was a bit of a long time but since he reassured me that there was no infection, I went with it. This morning though her temperature reached 39.3 degrees even after being given Calpol & Neurofen throughout the night. She also seemed to hate being touched. I could tell she was in pain but I couldn't figure out where or what it was.

I made a call to the emergency out-of-hours doctors and they agreed to see her, confirming what I thought, that leaving her until Monday was far too long and out of the question. The doctor that we saw listened to what I said and went to take her temperature using one of the ear thermometers. Well Emilie freaked out as soon as it went into her ear. The doctor looked at me and said that she wanted to check her ears because she was certain that there would be an infection. She was right. Poor thing has a full blown infection in her left ear. No wonder her temperature has been getting higher and higher all week.

My first instinct was to find the first doctor and pull his head off.. Forgive me but I'm like a lion with her cubs when it comes to my babies. The doctor today said that it could be that she's had the infection this whole time and the first doctor missed it or it could genuinely be that the infection was only just starting on Thursday when he saw her. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. The important thing to me now is that Emilie is getting the treatment that she needs to make her better. I can relax a bit more now knowing why she is burning up every few hours and concentrate on making her feel better.

I'm so glad I once again trusted my instincts and insisted on her being seen today and not leaving it until Monday.

Other news from this week.. 

I have a sinus infection. Every time I bend down I think it is a real possibility that my head will explode. 

We had James' parents evening at school and his teacher couldn't have sung his praises anymore. He is doing fantastic and we couldn't be any prouder of him. It seems like overnight he grew up. I realised the other day whilst talking to my sister that we are passed the tantrums every day and numerous time outs stage. Now he's a proper little man who has his own opinions and views on the world. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't. We have conversations where it's not just him asking a million questions but we talk back and forth. He grew up and I didn't even realise until it had happened. 

Anthony is on a unexpected night out tonight. I'm fully expecting a phone call around 2am with him asking me to unlock the front door and then me whispering for him not to wake the kids up. At least I get the TV remote tonight :) 

And.. That's about it. I'm functioning on about four hours sleep in the past three days so I do believe that an early night is in order.. Or maybe Netflix & Chocolate?

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