Emilie - Seven Months.

Emilie is in size 4 nappies, 6-9 month clothes and at her last weight check she was 16lb 2oz. She hasn't been weighed in a few weeks so I'm anxious for our next appointment to see how much she has gained. She's a chunky baby! 

Eating - She is really coming on with her solid foods. She still has to have it all pureed, any lumps and she gags and brings the whole lot back up. James had this issue too so I'm thinking it could be a trait with babies with reflux? This month we introduced protein. She loves chicken and the other day tried scrambled eggs. She has yet to try any finger foods because of the whole gagging issue. I'm sure we'll get there in time. She has between 4-5 bottles a day and takes between 4-7oz depending on what solids she has had. 

Sleeping - Oh how this one keeps me on my toes. This month the whole 'getting into a routine' has gone really well. I learnt a valuable lesson on James' birthday though.. Do not mess her routine up! She missed her long nap of the day because of the party and she was inconsolable for the rest of the day. Yeah, never doing that again. She has two naps a day. A short one in the morning and about 2 hours at lunch time. Normally that's it but if she sleeps badly at the lunch time nap then occasionally she'll need a short nap around 4.30pm.
She mostly sleeps through the night but has gotten into the habit of waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed around 4-5am.. I don't like this!

Loves - Still loves her big brother! (I wish I had recorded her reaction yesterday when he came home from school! Missy freaked out!) Her walker and door bouncer, bath time, playing on Mummy & Daddy's bed, her food. 

Hates - Having her nappy changed and getting dressed/undressed, being still, having something taken off of her. (The other day she grabbed my phone charger, I took it off her and she had her first tantrum!) Being on her tummy. 

Life with Emilie is definitely interesting. She changes her mood from second to second. One minute she will be an angry little thing and the next she is all smiles. I never know from one day to the next how she is going to be. Her personality is really starting to shine through. When I was pregnant I said that she was going to be a little diva from the amount of scares she gave us and I don't think I was wrong. She loves to be the center of attention, which she definitely doesn't get from me!

Happy seven months Peanut!

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