"Parenting Teams"

The other night whilst I was on Facebook I came across a link to this article. "Hey, Hi. I Want Off Your Parenting Team" Whilst I was lying there reading, I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as I was nodding my head. People are quick to put you into a category in all aspects of life but this is especially true in the world of parenting. Attachment Parenting, Helicopter Parenting, Instinctive Parenting.. The list goes on..

I don't think I fit perfectly into any "parenting team"..

I tried to breastfeed both James & Emilie and they both got some breast milk but eventually both ended up on formula..

Both flitted between their own cot and our bed. Emilie starts off in her cot but by the middle of the night is in our bed.. Even now, James occasionally ends up sleeping with us.. Note to self - We need a bigger bed.

We have a pushchair but I also baby wear.

I've never tried the CIO method - Never say never though.. The past month has been rough with Emilie at nights and I'm very tired! 

I set rules and boundaries and if James is naughty then he does get punished.

I don't smack James. Punishments include, time out and privileges revoked. If I have to utter the words - "Wait till your Dad comes home.." Then he knows he's in trouble! 

James loves fruit and vegetables but he also likes Pizza and yes, he has had McDonalds before.

I think babies and young children thrive off a routine. 

I have had one hospital birth and one home birth. 

I am a big believer in a mother should always trust her instincts. 

See? None of them fall into one category. I completely agree with the article. We should drop the labels. We're all just trying to do the same thing. Raising our children to be kind, healthy, happy, well rounded adults.

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