My Essentials For A High Needs Baby.

When Emilie was six weeks old our Health Visitor said to me that the first eight weeks of a babies life is all about survival. You do whatever you have to just to get through those first testing months. Personally I think it's more like for the first six months, but maybe that just because I seem to have high needs babies that scream for the first half of their first year.

Here's my essentials for the the first six months with a high needs, demanding, colicky, silent reflux-y baby!

1 - MAM Anti-colic Bottles.

I cannot say enough good things about these bottles. They have a ventilated base which helps regulate the airflow. They can also be sterilized in the microwave in just three minutes. I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to make a bottle up and then realised that I haven't sterilized any! Emilie started on the Tommee Tippee Bottles but she didn't take to them, we've had no problems with these ones so far. 

2 - BabaSling

Although she is loads better now, at one point I literally couldn't put Emilie down for two minutes. If she was awake then she was screaming. I had one of these slings with James and he loved it. Stupidly though, I gave it away once he outgrew it. Recently Babasling were having a sale and I was straight onto their website ordering a new one. Emilie loves it! We use it more than the pushchair now. 

3 - Door Bouncer

For a baby that has to constantly be on the move.. Which before she can crawl basically means I have to jiggle her constantly, this door bouncer has become my best friend. She gets to bounce around and my arms get a rest. Win win. 

4 - Angel Care Monitor

With James we just had a standard monitor. It was good, you could hear a pin drop in his room but night after night I would be hovering over his cot checking he was breathing and then on the rare occasions I would wake up before him I'd be in a blind panic, wanting to go and check on him but scared I'd wake him up! When Emilie came along we decided that it was worth it to spend the extra money for peace of mind. This sensor pad sits under the mattress and if she were to stop breathing in the night, the alarm goes off. It works too! A few times I've gotten Emilie out of the cot and forgotten to turn the monitor off.. Ten seconds later an alarm pierces through the house. Rather safe than sorry! 

5 - Muslin Cloths

I love these! They can be used for so many things! For Emilie though she likes them as a comfort blanket. She sleeps with one and if ever she is grumpy, one of these always helps. James was the same and slept with one until he was nearly three. Some of Emilie's were his old ones and you can hardly tell that they are nearly five years old and have been washed more times than I can count.

6 - Gripe Water 

Every house with a high needs baby should have a bottle of this in their cupboard! I don't know how it works but when something works this well, you take it and run. I don't think I would have survived certain days without my trusty bottle of Gripe Water! 

7 - Caffeine & Chocolate

And for those days when nothing works. You've jiggled and bounced, you've swayed and sang every nursery rhyme known to man.. You've put them in the bouncy chair, the swing, the door bouncer and under the jungle gym but nothing is working, then Caffeine & Chocolate is the way to go.. For you obviously, not the baby ;) 

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