My Budding Photographer.

Up until a few months ago James loved having his photo taken. Randomly throughout the day he would come up and ask me to take his photo.. Off course I obliged ;) Over night that changed. Now when I bring the camera out he says "Don't take my photo Mum." I guess he's at an age now where he is beginning to become self conscious? Maybe? Whatever the reason is, I'm not going to force him. Occasionally I will ask him if he would mind having his photo taken with his sister. Nine times out of ten he humors me but puts a limit on how many I am allowed to take. One thing he does appear to enjoy is taking photos. He must be like me! Prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Earlier this week I was feeding Emilie and he asked if he could use my camera to take some photos. Turns out he isn't too bad.

It is amazing to watch him getting older and developing his own interests. Maybe I have a little David Bailey on my hands! 

He did allow me to take a photo of him today. 

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