Miscellany Monday

Monday mornings are so much better when I'm not running around trying to locate a school uniform, making a packed lunch and trying to persuade a four year old that it really is a good thing to brush his teeth. Both James and I were so ready for the half term break from school!

This weekend was just what was needed. Spent at home. Nowhere to be & no time restraints. I'm eager for Spring & Summer to get here so that we can spend more time outside. A storm on Friday night ripped some of our fence panels out and pretty much destroyed our garden. 

Photos from our weekend. 

{James & I worked on his maths homework whilst Emilie napped. 
He was so proud!}

{James plans a sneak attack on Anthony}

I know I gush all the time about the blossoming relationship between James & Emilie but everyday is amazes me and makes me smile. She can be screaming her head off but all it takes is for James to walk up to her and she is all smiles and giggles for him. I can just imagine in a years time when she is following him everywhere. She adores him and already he is so protective over her. 

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