This time five years ago I was sat in hospital holding my newborn baby boy... Tonight I am tucking in a five year old. It feels like no time at all has passed in between. 

 {1st birthday}

 {3rd birthday}

He's funny and bright. Inquisitive & challenging. He can throw the best tantrums but it's all forgotten about in five minutes. He worships his Daddy and loves his baby sister like nothing else. He wants to learn. He soaks it all in like a sponge. He loves fruit and vegetables but has a sweet tooth just like me. He has a laugh that makes you laugh. He is the grumpiest little thing if he's tired. He cannot keep a secret (don't ever tell him what you've brought someone for their birthday!) He hates to loose at games. He wants to be a fireman and a gunsmith. He wants ten children but never wants to leave home. He's clumsy but never stops moving. Little things make him happy. 

The past five years have been amazing. Scary at times, hard at times, frustrating at times, but always amazing. 

We loves you James, more than you will ever know. 

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  1. Happy birthday James! I am adoring that cake! Too precious!


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