Baby Sign Language.

James was about two years old when I first heard of Baby Sign Language. I thought it sounded interesting but by that point James was talking and I still wasn't sure if we would have a second baby.

Then along came Emilie.. My sister had her daughter four months before Emilie was born and baby signing has come up in a few conversations but it was always one of those things that I thought, "I'll look into that..." Then something would happen, I would forget and life would go on.

A few weeks ago I noticed that whenever I made her bottle up and showed it to her she would smile and wave her arms about if she wanted it. The one and only sign that I knew was for milk so whenever I showed her the bottle I made the hand gesture too, not really expecting anything to come from it. Fast forward two weeks and I can make the sign without showing her the bottle and she goes mental! Arms flapping everywhere and the biggest smile you've ever seen.. Not only that but yesterday my little lady made the sign all by herself! I was so excited! It had actually worked. When something grabs my attention I want to know everything about it. I research for hours. I read anything and everything I can find about it and off course I go to trusty Google :)

I found this video that I remember going viral a while ago now..

Firstly, how cute is this one! Secondly it kind of helped to stem a fear of mine that by using baby signing that it would be hindering Emilie's speech from progressing. Well, if the video is anything to go by then apparently it won't. The two weeks that I was using the milk sign with Emilie, I was also saying "Milk" so I think that as long as you are still talking to them and not just signing then speech delay won't be an issue.

I've been on a mission to learn the most common signs needed to communicate to your baby. I found a beginners video online. Emilie was glued to it! I think she liked the puppets.

Today I've been using the signs for milk, food, bath and sleep. I love how this could help lessen the frustrations that come with a baby/toddler that doesn't know how to communicate through words. I'm excited to see where this goes!

Does anyone else use baby signing with their babies? I'd love to hear about any success (or failure) stories!

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  1. We use baby sign language with both of girls. It helped us so much with Nora and we're finding that it's helping with Annika already too. We just stuck with the basics, milk, food, please, thank you, mommy, daddy, sleep.


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