Who Doesn't Love Bullet Points?

  • I would really love it if Emilie's first two teeth would come through. She's been 'teething' since she was 2.5-3 months old but still no teeth. The poor thing is in so much pain with them though. I can see the little white spots just beneath her gums and this evening she was inconsolable. Thankfully I had a teething ring stashed in the fridge.

  • I just watched the Celebrity Wife Swap episode with Kendra Wilkinson & Kate Gosselin. I was a big fan of Jon & Kate plus 8 and I also watched the first season of Kendra's show. The wife swap episode though.. Kind of made me like Kate more and Kendra a little less... 
  • I want Kate Gosselin's house.  
  • Earlier today I got the camera out and for the first time in ages James didn't run away! Once upon a time he loved to have his photo taken.. Then he turned four.. 

  • Last year we brought the Insanity workout DVD. At the time I was just pregnant and wasn't allowed to do it, so I sat on the sidelines and watched Anthony. We've lent it to my Sister but once she's done, Anthony and I plan on doing it together. A little husband & wife bonding :) Plus I have a post-pregnancy stomach that needs to go. 
  • Yesterday I sold a bunch of Emilie's 0-3 month clothes that she had outgrown and today her Moses Basket and baby bath got handed down to my Sister-In-Law who is expecting a little boy in April. It's kind of  weird that the first of the baby stuff has gone. I'm adamant that we're not having anymore babies but it still makes me a little sad. 
  • I know I say it all the time but the bond between these two after just five months amazes me daily. 

  • We have an exciting week coming up.. Starting with our ten year anniversary on Tuesday! I cannot even tell you how excited I am about that! 

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