Ten Years.

I should have really wrote this yesterday but it was a busy day coupled with a baby that is still under the weather, so it never happened. I didn't just want to leave it though. I feel like our ten year anniversary needs to be marked here on my little blog.

It sounds so cliche to say that it feels like we've been together forever. But it does. We were serious from the get-go. Our first week together and we made a five year plan. Within eight months we were engaged. We knew from the start that this felt right.  

Technically I guess we started off as a long distance relationship with Anthony based in Windsor with the Army and me at home. I think that definitely helped us though. Hours upon hours speaking on the phone, the excitement of being together on sporadic weekends. Even today we can still talk for hours about nothing in particular.

My husband knows how to drive me crazy and can annoy me like no one else can but he makes me smile & laugh every single day. Life with him is never dull. We've gone from being kids to being a family together and I'm grateful that I get to live life with him :)

Here's to the next crazy ten years together! 

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