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I have two half finished posts in my drafts. I attempted a Miscellany Monday but Emilie woke up whilst I was in the middle of writing and then yesterday I sat down and attempted another post but between James wanting dinner & Emilie crying it just wasn't going to happen.. Third time lucky right?


Today was James' first day back at school. Yesterday he was so excited and then this morning he woke up and informed me that he didn't want to go. After talking to him I managed to figure out that it was nerves talking. It's easy to forget that he is still only four years old and has only been at School for one term. He was worried that his friends wouldn't like him anymore. On the walk to school he informed me that he couldn't wait for half term to come around. Thankfully, we were in the gates less than two minutes before he found one of his friends and ran off to play, his nerves forgotten.. 

Today marked the first day of normality for us since the holidays. Early mornings, no more lingering over breakfast, but instead a rush to get everybody dressed and ready to be out the door in time. Anthony was back at college and with James at school it was just Emilie and I. Day six of attempting to get her into a routine and it was a bust. She fought me on every nap and when I did finally manage to get her to fall asleep, as soon as I laid her down she woke up within five minutes screaming. 

Whoever said that girls were easier than boys as babies was lying! On a brighter note though Miss Emilie was weighed on Tuesday and for someone that started off in premature nappies and "tiny baby" clothes she is gaining weight like nobodies business.. 16lbs and counting :) 


In just six days time Anthony and I will celebrate a decade together. 

We started off as an eighteen and twenty-two year old and when I look back on it, I can't believe how far we have come. I love the fact that we have grown together. I was just a teenager, thinking that I knew it all.. When in reality, I had no idea about life.. Together though we've figured it out and now.. Ten years, several house moves, career changes and two beautiful children later, we're still learning, growing and figuring out this crazy life. 

It still amazes me that we get to do that together. 

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