Miscellany Monday,

The start of another week. Is it just me or does it seem like every year goes by faster than the last? Our weekend was quiet, spent at home. Emilie has had a cough and yesterday my Mummy instincts kicked in and told me that she needed to see a doctor, even if it was Sunday and it would mean a trip to the out of hours doctor thirty minutes away. Turns out she had a temperature, swollen glands, a cough, enlarged tonsils and an inflamed throat. Trusting my instincts is the biggest thing that I have learnt since I entered the whole parenting world. They've never led me wrong and it's the first bit of advice I give to first time Mum's that I meet.

She seems to be doing a lot better today. Still coughing but her temperature is down. Me? I've had 5 hours sleep in three nights so I'm kind of running on fumes. Sleeps for the weak right?


"Mum, tomorrow I think I just want to have a relaxing day so I'll just stay home from school, okay?"

Ha! Nice try kid.. 


Happy Monday!

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