Emilie - Six Months.

Half a year! Where has it gone?

Emilie is in size 4 nappies and weighs just over 16lbs. The past two days she has started to wear 6-9 months clothes although a few 3-6 month outfits still fit.. Just about.

Eating - Emilie is doing so well with her solid foods. She loves Cauliflower and Swede and I finally got her to take some Broccoli, I mashed it in with Potato ;) She is still hit and miss with the amount of milk she takes daily but she eats solids three times a day, small amounts but we are slowly increasing the portion sizes. She has 5 bottles a day still and they range between 4-7oz. Today she tried yogurt for the first time and loved it!

Sleeping - It finally feels like Emilie is a normal baby with regards to how much she is awake versus how much she is asleep. I've spent the past month trying to get her into a routine with regards to naps. She takes two to three naps a day. One around 9am for thirty to forty minutes. Then a long nap at lunch time which I try to encourage her to sleep for two hours. She generally wakes up in the middle of it but I just have to rock her for a few minutes and off she goes again. Sometimes she is fine with just those two naps but some days she has a short nap around 4.30pm, depending on how tired she is. Bedtime is between 6-6.30pm.. She won't stay awake any longer.. Trust me I've tried.

Milestones - For the past two weeks she has been trying to sit up on her own but was still very wobbly. Over the past few days she is so much more stable! She is still prone to toppling over with no warning so I have a single quilt that I fold over and wrap around her so that if she does fall she won't bang her head. She loves sitting there playing with her toys. I cannot wait until she is more steady and learns to put her hands down to balance herself.

Loves - James! This girl is totally in love with her big brother.. I can see why, he's pretty awesome. Bath time, her new high chair, being without a nappy on, not having any clothes on, being outside in the sling. 

Hates - Getting her nappies changed or getting dressed, not being in bed by 6.30pm, being still.. Baby girl loves to be jiggled or walked about. 

The past six months have been a whirlwind. It feels like we're finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with regards to her constant screaming, excessive tiredness and her silent reflux. This month, by far, has been the best yet. She is still a temperamental little soul but is so much more happier. Whether that is because she is finally in some sort of routine or maybe it's just because she is a little bit older but her personality is shining through and it's amazing! 

And seen as six months is a milestone.. (I like any excuse to celebrate!) Why don't we take a trip down memory lane?

Happy SIX months Peanut! 

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