Boys Will Be Boys..

I admit it. When James was born I was adamant that he wasn't going to play with toy guns at a young age. I don't know why I felt like that but it was something that I felt strongly about.. 

Fast forward nearly five years and without any persuasion from me or Anthony this little guy is in love with Nerf Guns. He has more than I can count and walks around with one stuck down the back of his t-shirt, a smaller one in his pocket and always one or two in his hands.. And you know what, it doesn't bother me.. Boys will be boys and he isn't anymore rowdy because of it.   

He still loves his books, he still loves to read and write, he still loves to play Operation & Jenga.. Just with a Nerf gun or two by his side. 

And this little one... 

We're into day three of a routine and so far, so good...  Actually, don't read that.. I don't want to jinx it..

Happy Saturday!

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